1. jstarcher

    ZFS Drive swap

    I built a ZFS 2 disk mirror on a Poweredge 2950 III server about a year ago using a couple Toshiba 2TB drives. Both drives are the same model but sourced from two different local Staples stores, but I'd still bet they are the same batch. I'm going to add another 2 disk mirror vdev to expand the...
  2. Hooman

    Change port download mirror

    Hello everyone How can I change mirror in FreeBSD 10.2? Now I download Gnome with 20-30 KB/s Thanks
  3. J

    [ezjail] Download base system via HTTP instead of FTP?

    Hi, I'm following this tutorial to install and configure ezjail: http://www.bsdnow.tv/tutorials/jails At the step: $ sudo ezjail-admin install -sp the script tries to download ftp://ftp.freebsd.org/pub/FreeBSD/releases/amd64/amd64/10.2-RELEASE/base.txz Is it possible to change the base url...
  4. big_girl

    Solved Can errors be scrubbed later from a zfs mirror with one disk?

    Hello, I was reading this post for fun - https://blogs.oracle.com/mmusante/entry/howto_replace_a_bad_disk ...and it made me curious to know if one has a simple two-disk zfs mirror set up, and: 1) one disk fails or is removed 2) while running on the one-disk degraded mirror, data errors get...