1. Cath O'Deray

    Flare – unofficial app for Linux, to chat with users of Signal

    mro please, did you try what's suggested by Julian Schmidhuber? vermaden asked:
  2. NapoleonWils0n

    jails running linux wayland apps in a ubuntu jail

    ive been experimenting with running linux wayland apps in an ubuntu jail the jail is running ubuntu mantic with the nvidia drivers manually installed so they match the version on the freebsd host wayland enabled in the jails ~/.zshenv config export WAYLAND_DISPLAY=wayland-0 export...
  3. NapoleonWils0n

    Other Eureka running Wayland applications from inside a Jail

    I just figured out how to run Wayland applications from inside a Jail without using Xwayland The reason i started looking into this is because Davinci Resolve 19 beta 1 supports running as a native wayland application instead of running as an X11 app Also there is a nasty bug with wlroots that...
  4. NapoleonWils0n

    Nvidia driver on Freebsd and Ubuntu match, useful for jails and chroots

    Freebsd 14 p.6 quarterly Nvidia Driver 550.54.14 matches the exact version on Ubuntu 23.10 That means you can use the Nvidia driver from the Ubuntu repo in a jail or a chroot and it will match the version on the Freebsd host rather than having to download and manually install the Nvidia...
  5. A

    Running 4diac-IDE

    4diac IDE: is an integrated development environment written in Java, based on the Eclipse framework. It provides an extensible engineering environment for modeling distributed control applications compliant to the IEC 61499 standard. I have run the application flawlelssly Debian Buster and...
  6. rbranco

    Other HOWTO share labeled swap between FreeBSD & Linux

    EDIT: Now it's possible to do it in -CURRENT. Just run `echo geom_label_load='"YES"' >> /boot/loader.conf` as root, reboot and use whatever GEOM detects as swap in /dev/swaplinux. On -STABLE you have to apply the diff in like this: cd /tmp...
  7. G

    Bastille and Ubuntu debootstrap, run with systemd

    Hi, I just trying to run Ubuntu jail via Bastille but need to do it with systemd to use with snap. root@ubuntu:/# systemctl System has not been booted with systemd as init system (PID 1). Can't operate. Read step by step by this tutorial, except last package install. root@ubuntu:/# apt-get...
  8. bratak

    Solved Java Application: TraderWorkstation on FreeBSD

    Howdy, Step by step I migrate my Pop!OS Linux to FreeBSD. I'm stuck with a Java application, called TraderWorkstation from Interactive Brokers. Link: I installed openjdk8-jre- Then I followed...
  9. M

    Other Advice on how to structure the storage for dual-boot FreeBSD and Linux and common ZFS home

    With the release 14.0, I plan to switch to FreeBSD as my main OS. Unfortunately, some of the programs I use work only on Linux, so I will still have to boot to Linux from time to time. I am wondering how to structure my storage. In my notebook, I can place 4 disks in total, 3 SSDs (2 NVMe M.2 +...
  10. A

    Building on non-FreeBSD Hosts

    I am trying to build for purpose of learning new OS development following the handbook building-on-non-freebsd-hosts after the running the command MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX=/home/kp/freebsd tools/build/ --bootstrap-toolchain TARGET=amd64 TARGET_ARCH=amd64 buildworld i have installed headers for...
  11. I

    Solved Getting Unreal Tournament running

    I'm trying to get Unreal Tournament running on my FreeBSD 13.2-p4 system. I have an Nvidia GTX 1050 with an AMD Ryzen 5 3400G. I also have the Linux Nvidia libs installed as well. I've got Linuxulator setup. I'm trying to run version 469d without success, so far. I'm stuck at getting ALAudio...
  12. B

    FreeBSD version of Ventoy

    There is a Linux installation for Ventoy available which I'm trying to get working on FreeBSD. The installation consists of a shell script which I hope can be amended to work on FreeBSD #!/bin/sh OLDDIR=$(pwd) if ! [ -f...
  13. H

    bhyve Linux VM (Debian) stopped working after freebsd-update to 13.2-RELEASE-p2

    I recently upgraded to 13.2-RELEASE-p2 and after rebooting, the debian VM I was running simply stopped working. This is what's in bhyve.log: vm exit[0] reason SVM rip 0x000000001fb54b60 inst_length 2 exitcode 0x7b...
  14. Eric A. Borisch

    RHEL sources no longer (publicly) available

    Red Hat moved today to change / restrict access to RHEL sources. Certainly off topic, but perhaps of interest to / point of discussion for FreeBSD users.
  15. draga79

    bhyve Article about moving from Proxmox to FreeBSD

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share an article that I recently wrote about migrating from Proxmox to FreeBSD's bhyve hypervisor. The article covers the process of migrating virtual machines, storage, and networking from Proxmox to bhyve, and includes tips and tricks that I learned along the way...
  16. Voltaire

    Solved Steam does not start correctly

    I installed linux-steam-utils and everything seems to be configured correctly. I'm using a gtx 650 and have the correct drivers and libs installed. Steam won't start and gives the following output. Restarting Steam... [2023-02-26 16:57:21] Startup - updater built Feb 14 2023 00:47:09...
  17. S

    What NLP libraries do you reccomend i use on FreeBSD else would you suggest switching to linux due to a lack of libraries?

    A project of mine needs NLP. I used rasa on the linux but while i switched to BSD i could not find alternatives that run natively on BSD.
  18. S

    jails Run firefox within a Linux chroot jail in FreeBSD 13.1

    Hi All, I have managed to install a Ubuntu chroot jail within FreeBSD 13.1. However, I need to run Firefox from it to launch Jupyter Lab from a python virtual environment within the chroot subsystem. I was wondering if I could use the FreeBSD Firefox from the subsystem. Nevertheless, I installed...
  19. A

    Shared home between Linux and Freebsd?

    Hello, is it possible to mount a shared network disk as /home between a Linux and a Freebsd computer? I'm not sure what would happen if the two systems try to access the same data in /home. Does anyone know if this is practical or possible without permition problems? Thanks.
  20. baaz

    Linux's NEW 8 year old privilege escalation bug With every one of these Iam more and more happy that lam useing BSDs and more scared of my android phone.