1. P

    AMD Ryzen 7 and Vega10 support?

    Hi Everyone, I have a ThinkPad X395 which comes with: AMD Ryzen 7 Pro 3700U Processor AMD Radeon Vega10 Graphics I am currently running Ubuntu 20.04LTS and not very happy with the experience. I would like to use FreeBSD on this laptop and was wondering if it supports the Ryzen and Vega chips...
  2. joel.bodenmann

    Solved ACPI entering S3 - can't wake up anymore

    I've been using FreeBSD for a decade on servers and infrastructure. Last weekend I thought it's time to give it a chance as a desktop OS. For this, I've been installing FreeBSD 12.1 on my old Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon (3rd gen). I managed to install the base system, get wifi to work, have i3...
  3. HD Scania

    Sony-made VAIO VPCCB17FG wireless chip issues

    Laptop basics: i7-2620M cores AMD graphics 7.45GiB RAM’s 953GiB total SSD’s FreeBSD-13.0-CURRENT-amd64-20200806-r363935-memstick.img: Failed (for both CloverEFI and legacy BIOS modes) Below those are untested FreeBSD-13.0-CURRENT-amd64-20200806-r363935-disc1.iso...
  4. Jake0162

    Solved Trackpoint works randomly.

    This is my first post but I think this falls under peripheral hardware. I have been working my way though the handbook but am only up to chapter 4 and sporatically have read some of the other sections. hardware: lenovo x130e netbook os: FreeBSD version 12.1 DE: XFCE4 (installed with pkg)...
  5. J

    Solved Compatabilty on Lenovo Ideapad 320s-13ikb

    Hello, Once again here to ask if anyone knows if the Lenovo Ideapad 320s-13ikb has decent compatibility with FreeBSD, and if not, is there a list of known compatible laptops around? Cannot seem to find it. Thanks!
  6. christhegeek

    I have an Asus Vivobook Amd Ryzen 3 , Vega 3 . I want to make touchpad to work !

    I have an Asus Vivobook Amd Ryzen 3 , Vega 3 . I want to make touchpad to work ! They told me that i should use the iichid driver do you know where i can find the proper guide for that ?
  7. zoujiaqing

    Dell Inspiron 5585 laptop can run FreeBSD well?

    I bought a laptop. I'm going to use this computer to run only FreeBSD. But I don't know if the hardware driver supports it! If you know this information, you can tell me! Thank you very much! CPU: AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700U...
  8. H

    Laptop Nvidia : Only HDMI Screen...

    I have a strange situation (for me). I install freeBSD 12.1, xorg, xfce, nvidia-driver (build the 440.31 from ports) ... When I launch startx, the screen of my laptop become black with a little blanc square on top left. I lost 3-4 hour to discover that if I connect a HDMI monitor, I can see...
  9. M

    Managing networks on a laptop

    I'm currently on Arch Linux and I'm interested in trying with FreeBSD with KDE Plasma (and likely bspwm as an alternative session) on my laptop again after quite some time, and I'm wondering what the way to go there is for managing networks, so easily connecting to and switching between public...
  10. B

    WiFi works but slow

    I've installed FreeBsd 12 on my laptop and Wifi, although works, is quite slow. It's way slower than it was at Linux on the same laptop. Is that how it is in Freebsd?
  11. A

    Help to enable backlight on AMD APU?

    I have recently been trying to get FreeBSD setup on my HP Pavilion 15-p051us laptop with an AMD A10-5745M APU. Everything is working except for backlight control via the acpi_video module. I found the HP Envy Touchsmart page (, which has the...
  12. K

    Laptop Thinkpad X1 Extreme (Levono)

    Hello community, as I’ve asked to my friend Trev (but I solicit him very much): here’s my problematic: I was thinking about laptop and I’ve seen a lot of threads/discussions told that a laptop (the Thinkpad X1 carbon 6th generation from Levono ) is just the perfect desktop to use FreeBSD « out...
  13. S

    Manually Backporting Drivers?

    My laptop uses the RTL8188EE chipset for WiFi, which recently landed support in FreeBSD with this commit. I'd like to be able to use this new driver on my laptop while remaining as close to a "stable" system as possible. What's the best way to go about doing this? I'm not sure if the driver...
  14. N

    Configuring Ralink wireless device

    How can I configure Ralink rt3290 wifi adapter device for wifi connection?
  15. S

    PF Firewall on FreeBSD Laptop

    I'm playing around with PF on my laptop, mostly to get a better understanding of how it works so I can get it working on my home server. I'm attempting to block all incoming traffic except that which I'm expecting to receive from Syncthing and KDE Connect. This is the content of my pf.conf...
  16. vermaden

    HOWTO: The Power to Serve - FreeBSD Power Management

    I would like to share an article about power management in the FreeBSD system. The Power to Serve - FreeBSD Power Management #verblog #freebsd #power #battery #laptop #desktop
  17. rigoletto@

    Laptop with mechanical keyboard.

    Hi. I just found out THIS Razer laptop has a mechanical keyboard. IDK if it is good, or not or what, but are you aware of any other laptop with mechanical keyboard? Cheers! :beer:
  18. vermaden

    HOWTO: FreeBSD Desktop - Part 1 - Simplified Boot

    Hi, I described my way of simplifying the FreeBSD boot process for laptop/desktop machines. Regards, vermaden
  19. T

    Installing on Asus laptop

    So I got a new laptop, and I thought I'd install FreeBSD on it like I did with my old one. Dual booting with Windows. But it seems this hardware probably won't work well with FreeBSD. It has Qualcomm Atheros QCA9377 Wireless Network Adapter (with wi-fi and Bluetooth), Intel HD Graphics 620...
  20. N

    Solved Preventing DVD detection at boot

    How can I modify FreeBSD boot/startup process so it doesn't check or try detecting a CD-ROM/DVD? I am using `FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE-p3` on a 2004 `Toshiba` laptop as a pfSense box. The laptop has what seems to be an incompatible (or most likely just too old) DVD player. Some I/O identification...