1. I

    Installing glad nuked my install

    So, something aggravating occurred with freebsd a couple days back, where i was attempting to get into graphics programming, i installed glad, and didn't pay attention, and it deleted my entire desktop and every graphical program, this occurred on 14-CURRENT. Would anyone know why? I'd want to...
  2. Sivan!

    Solved syntax to set environment variable

    In freebsd 13.1 with kde plasma5, a print command (no printer attached, the command is to print to a pdf) brings up the print to a pdf window without delay, but it takes a bit of time to load the preview and process print command. I found this kde thread that indicates that says I found...
  3. ziomario

    /home/zioma/.serverauth.1492 does not exist

    Hello. I'm trying to start kde5 or mate as desktop manager,instead of lxde (that works correctly),but when I write "startx",I get the following error message : /home/zioma/.serverauth.1492 does not exist or if I log with root,its : /root/.serverauth.1492 does not exist this error is shown...
  4. decuser

    Solved KDE login hangs with circle stopping on FreeBSD 13

    Before I just blow away my FreeBSD 13 Virtual Box instance, I thought I would check in with the gurus. I have been experimenting with FreeBSD 13 in VBox for a day. I used caution and bectl'd my way to a working system that had KDE installed. I removed my last bectl and then... I too hastily...
  5. I

    Solved KDE does not start after pkg update

    I have 12.1-STABLE on a computer. I did a pkg install node today to install a webserver. After that the system wrote that there is a new pkg version and there are other applications I can update too. After installing the updates I was no longer able to start applications from KDE and after...
  6. Y

    Always get three *.core files in my home, when you shutdown or reboot in kde plasma5

    I'm using FreeBSD12.2 in VMware, and use KDE plasma 5.20 desktop environment. Everything is ok except this one thing ---> When you shutdown or reboot using the kickoff application launcher menu, always get three *.core files (baloo_file_extracto.core, drkonqi.core, kglobalaccel5.core) in my...
  7. D

    Both KDE and sddm missing complete bottom bar

    Hi, I'm just trying to get into BSD coming from Arch and tried to setup KDE and sddm to get a nice GUI. Unfortunately, after I installed the packages plasma5-plasma-desktop, kde-baseapps and sddm, the system behaved very strange upon reboot: The complete bottom bar of sddm (to select window...
  8. B

    Solved Installation (12.1)and setup of Xorg on a T460s (device Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520])

    hi!! I am installing freebsd 12.1 (i386) on my thinkpad T460s. Video device = Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] I have a black screen when I am trying to login on KDE5. I can only see my mouse. My option is ATL+CTL+F1.... I followed the steps on the handbook (5.3. Installing Xorg and 5.7.2. KDE)...
  9. I

    KDE tries to show fullname in ascii I think

    I have utf-8 characters in my full name. The login screen displays it properly, but after I logged in I see only gibberish in the menu. It looks like displaying utf8 as ascii. Is this a bug or something else?
  10. clawhammer

    Solved sddm not starting on boot and failing when started manually

    when I type service sddm onestart it says it is already running. but all i get is the console. I have my user set to wheel and video. im running freebsd 12.0 release. graphics card drivers loaded and works correctly.
  11. Dogers

    Solved Question about different RAM usage displayed.

    Greetings to everyone. I post here because I wanted to get an answer about something I found weird. I run 12.0-RELEASE-p7 GENERIC amd64 as my main desktop machine using KDE-5, and by checking ram usage with some app, I get different results, here's a screenshot of the issue : Ksysguard gives...