1. K

    InspIRCD port build fail.

    I selected to enable the LDAP, OpenSSL and GnuTLS modules. irc# make all install clean ===> Vulnerability check disabled, database not found ===> License check disabled, port has not defined LICENSE ===> Found saved configuration for inspircd-2.0.2_1 ===> Extracting for inspircd-2.0.2_1 =>...
  2. K

    Basic irc connect script

    I think I have the thought process incorrect in the following script can someone take a look at this please? SERVICE=ii if ps ax | grep -v grep | grep $SERVICE > /dev/null then echo "everything is fine" else while false; do ii -s -n kitche2 -k XXXXX -f "John Doe"...
  3. N

    ports/irc/ircproxy fail to start (memory leak?)

    I tried to install and set up ircproxy and it fails to start. It does not give any error during start up. I looked at the log files and specifically ircproxyd-error.log. It gives this error. [30/12/2010 02:04:21] *** Caught signal 11, Segmentation fault: 11. [30/12/2010 02:04:21] *** Memory...
  4. P

    FreeBSD Forums IRC

    I think it would be nice that freebsd forums also has an IRC channel? what are your opinions?
  5. demo

    irc/xchat amd64 issue...

    hi, first off i'm new to freebsd, been running it 3days now with gnome up and running nicely. I had just upgraded ports packages (whopping 8 hours :o) but everything went smooth, except for "xchat 2.8.8". I had originally installed xchat, which was "2.8.6" i believe... i was given a build...
  6. C

    Using IRC

    Hi, I'm new here. So... I've wanna know how much secure is IRC on FreeBsd? Is very dangerous show my ip in a IRC channel, altought I'm using FreeBsd? or is better use TOR?
  7. F

    /usr/ports/irc/bnc patch for freebsd 8 64 bit

    Hello I've been trying to install bnc on my freebsd 8 64 bit system but it looks like the application is not compatible with freebsd 64 bit, bcz the installation and compilation goes fine but as soon as you launch the application and try to connect to the bnc it crashes immediately. Can anybody...
  8. T

    FreeBSD irc chat

    I just tried to get help from on a few of the FreeBSD irc chat channels, and was treated like an idiot. Just advice for any other Freebsd beginners out there; go elsewhere for help including forums, google, and handbooks. Sure it is a nice place to go if you want to have a good time insulting...
  9. T

    freebsd irc channel

    Hi, when i join freebsd channel in i get the following response. ERC> /join #freebsd *** 473 trybeingarun #freebsd Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited My questions are 1. How should get a freebsd invite? 2. Is there any other freebsd channel...
  10. K

    SSLv3 issues with XChat onFreeBSD 8

    I get the following error when attempting to connect to an SSL secured irc server: Connection failed. Error: (336151568) error:14094410:SSL routines:SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure A brief scan with Google indicated that this is being caused by versions of OpenSSL greater...
  11. K

    IRC server with user authentication

    Anyone heard of an IRC server that can authenticate users using the local passwd file or even better, an LDAP or a RADIUS server? It would be cool if it ran on something like... say... FreeBSD. :)
  12. S

    freeBSD server

    Hi, I'm a new user in this stuff, I'm looking for some one who can help me to install and set up a freebsd server, I already have freeBSD 7.1 installed on one machine and I have a domain name to this configuration, I would like to use for IRC purposes (e.i. psyBNC, eggdrop etc.) Thank you...
  13. z0ran

    Torbutton and

    I was trying torbutton and vidalia and get banned from, now, i don't have it any more but i'm still banned, i was trying to conntact somebody from freenode but only one who i can conntact is which asked me for information from, after i provided it...
  14. xsiick

    BNC vhost for IRC servers

    I really couldn't figure out any better place to put this thread-- Anyways. I recently set up BNC on my bsd server to use as a proxy for when I connect to an IRC server. I learned that you could use BNC to cover your domain alltogether with a vhost. I did some research and found out how...
  15. W

    IRC Servers

    Could anyone point me in the right direction in the best irc server software in freebsd...i know this is a loaded question, i'm mainly looking for lightweight and stable over feature rich and heavy thanks
  16. L

    Unreal Irc Server

    So, I was able to completely install Unreal IRC server fine. Im even connected to in and in a channel I made.. But I am "+o Lego" instead of "~ Lego" and when I "/oper Lego Password" it says I have No O-Lines for your host. And I can't Use and Admin commands only Op commands. What Have I done...
  17. Z

    Kopete (0.60.1) in kde 4.1.1

    Does anyone know if there is something wrong with kopete 0.12.8 (there seems to not be able to connect and the irc plugin is missing) also, if the case may be how can i uninstall it (when i did make install clean for kde4 it came aready compiled ... thanks guys