1. Cath O'Deray

    HexChat: final release

    Via {link removed, link provider grahamperrin is dead, the killers can celebrate}: Someone might like to make a report in Bugzilla (via the FreshPorts page), for an update to the package description and package message. TIA from an old fart :) In...
  2. cgenie

    Solved Biboumi problems

    Hello, I'm using freebsb 13.2. I have ejabberd there, set up at somedomain. I wanted do host my own biboumi xmpp <-> irc bridge. I set it up with hostname = irc.somedomain xmpp_server = I also added this to the listen list in ejabberd.yml: i have this in `listen` in ejabberd...
  3. A

    Solved What's your favourite tool to keep track of FreeBSD Bugzilla?

    There are different types of tools, to keep us informed about recent activities on the FreeBSD Bugzilla. What's your favourite one? Bugzilla web interface: Mailing List: Mailing List web interface...
  4. clawhammer

    is irc from the command line possible?

    Can I run irc from the console without a gui?
  5. Trigex

    Setting up "The Lounge" web IRC client in a Jail

    After quite a bit of playing around this setup for The Lounge (My first production-deployed jail!), I think I've got something fairly solid built up! Here's a little guide to reproduce what I've done: Install sysutils/ezjail on your target host machine, if you haven't already and go through the...
  6. G

    Running irc/znc as a daemon

    Looking at irc/znc I'd like to run this proxy in a jail as a daemon owned by an own user. Anyone who has already a script for starting Znc as a daemon/service?
  7. E

    Solved Routing traffic to jails - PF restart required after reboot

    I'm running ngircd and musicpd, each inside its own jail, on FreeBSD 11.1, and have configured PF so that the jails have internet access and I can connect to both of them. The problem is that if the machine is rebooted, I have to ssh into it and reload pf before I can connect to the irc server...
  8. S

    Slack plugin for weechat

    Networking seems as good a place as any to post this. For those who use slack, whether by choice or not, I suspect many, like myself, prefer using it with irssi or weechat. At any rate, as of May 15th, 2018, Slack discontinued their irc gateway. I'd seen the announcements, but basically found...
  9. N

    Looking for 1on1 help preferably in person (Toronto Area)

    Hello Everyone! I am a regular linux user of about 10 years. I am now looking to learn freeBSD. icsdhcp,gateways,ipsec and pf, ect. I am using vmware to create my network and finding that i read a doc on dhcp.conf and realize 1h later its for a version 2 years old and openBSD. I would like...
  10. Phishfry

    IRC usage

    I really enjoy the EFI/bsdmips channel and I use XChat to converse and lurk. How do people use IRC on techinical channels? I miss alot of good info because I don't have XChat open. It almost seems like I should be scraping the feed some other way and use XChat for real time. Whats a good tool...
  11. rigoletto@

    irssi: some help to format the interface.

    Hi! I just started using irc/irssi, and I am creating a theme using the default one as base, but also grabbing something here and there. As can be seen in the image, I manage to properly align the nicks but I am not being able to properly do the same with other messages like join/quit/etc and...
  12. Phishfry

    IRC Clients

    I am looking for a lightweight IRC client that works under Xorg. I am looking at irc/lostirc which is a minimalist x client. I am concerned it is so old. My question is have there been any major changes to IRC which would make unsupported clients obsolete? How about security. Can IRC do bad...
  13. RandomUser

    There is any FreeBSD chat with is still alive?

    I search IRC channel for FreeBSD where is some people. Is exist something like that?
  14. N

    compiling weechat

    Hello, during compile of weechat I have had the following error message: ===> curl-7.50.1 has known vulnerabilities: curl-7.50.1 is vulnerable: cURL -- Escape and unescape integer overflows CVE: CVE-2016-7167 WWW: 1...
  15. A

    Solved PF rules for IRC traffic

    Recently I started dabbling with Packet_Filter (PF) to set up my firewall. So far I read a bit in the PF Handbook and our FreeBSD Handbook (chapter on PF). The firewall works fine and the rules seem sane. However, I cannot connect to #freenode with PF enabled. Does anyone know any pass command...
  16. J

    Good IRC server

    I am looking for a good IRC server to use on my FreeBSD server, since I am expecting social networks to go the way of bankruptcy once the IT bubble starts to implode. This is going to be a private IRC server, not a public one. Thanks for the help.
  17. B

    Looking for a IRCD server on FreeBSD - working

    Hey, I'm looking for a IRCD server under FreeBSD 10. I installed Unrealircd but there are too many bugs during installation. Someone has any positive experience with any IRCD server and could share with me? Thanks. oot@irc:/usr/local/etc/Unreal # ls aliases...
  18. C

    Flood IRC Bots

    Hi, I have a webserver for a game and it's under attack. Someone is flooding it with IRC Bots. I'm using IPFW but 0 changes. IPF="ipfw -q add" ipfw -q -f flush ##Custom-Rules $IPF 1 allow all from me to any 30040 $IPF 2 allow all from to any 30040 $IPF 3 deny all from any to me...
  19. time4e

    ngircd: Password protecting channels

    Hi, So far I've found ngircd to be the easiest IRC servers in the ports tree to get up and running. I'm having some trouble creating a password protected private channel. I have a feeling that I'm not using the key = line correctly. ngircd.conf example [Channel] name = #mychannel mode = +k...
  20. A

    glib problem when building irssi port

    I'm trying to rebuild irssi on a FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE system. # make checking for GLIB - version >= 2.6.0... no *** Could not run GLIB test program, checking why... *** The test program failed to compile or link. See the file config.log for the *** exact error that occured. This usually means...