1. aragats

    Other bhyve guest: image file vs USB SSD

    I have a working Windows 10 guest running off an image file (GPT scheme). When I dd it to a USB SSD and try booting off it by running exactly the same bhyve command I get "Boot failed. EFI Hard drive" message. What am I missing? HD=/dev/da0 bhyve .... -s 3,ahci-hd,$HD,sectorsize=512 ...
  2. C

    I can't image Beaglebone Blacks img file on micro_sd_card

    Hi guys. I downloaded the image from here and when i tried to image this file with Win32DiskImager my beaglebone black board does not find anything to boot what should I do ?
  3. L

    Solved Help converting a ZFS-based FreeBSD installation to a UFS image for virtualization

    Hello, I have a physical FreeBSD server I installed using ZFS on root. To ease maintenance I'd like to move it into a virtual machine (VMware ESXi), but since virtualizing ZFS is not recommended, I would like to convert it to UFS. Here's my plan so far, can anyone confirm whether I am on the...
  4. L

    FreeBSD Raspberry Pi minimal image

    Hi, I see on the repositories that only one 12.0-STABLE .img for RPI3 exists, and it's > 2Gb. The .img includes Mate, anyway, I need only a minimal image because I want my Pi only for firewalling and routing. Does anyone know whether a minimal image exists? Thanks, regards
  5. simonpie

    Which image for apu processor

    Hello, I am thinking to buy a apu2c4 board to build a gateway at home. It has an amd 64 puma architecture. But from the page of freebsd, this amd architecture does not seem to be supported. So, which image should I use ? If anyone care, please feel free to propose another board as long as...
  6. TAL15

    Disk writing utilities for FreeBSD.

    let me clarify immediately that I AM RUNNING FREEBSD. DD is not working on my computer, I intend to write images to SD cards for raspberry Pi. Anyone know any good packages for Disk-writing.
  7. 1

    Support for Raspberry Pi 2

    Hi, I understand, that I can create my own image, but it would be more convenient to get them ready-to-run. I own a set of "Raspberry Pi 2 Model B V1.1" (board version) and found working read-to-run images for FreeBSD-11.0 in the "snapshots" and in the "releases" directories. But nothing for...
  8. aragats

    Solved Shrunk images when tethering

    [EDIT] The title is renamed from: "Apache: shrunk images - bug or feature?" I've noticed a strange thing. I have a FreeBSD 11.0 server with www/apache24 installed with pkg and very basic configuration. When I access a web page from my laptop using my phone's Internet tethering, the images are...
  9. Keve

    multicast sysimage restore

    Hello Forum, To save and deploy system images, for years now I have been using backup/restore for UFS and ntfs-3g's ntfsclone/ntfsimage for NTFS. I sometimes piped these tools through ftp to save to a server folder or deploy from there. Or mounted a network share to backup to or restore from...
  10. G

    Other Create full image of FreeBSD System (MBR)

    Hello everybody! I want to create a full image of my FreeBSD modified for install later in other computers. I've tried several things, but I don't take the MBR. I would like to put all system in one image, because I will have to install alter in 5-7 hosts, if not would be a lot of handwork. I...
  11. R

    Get screenshot/image of vt

    Hello, my question about vt console, is it possible to get screenshot or image? maybe as PNG or JPEG? Thanks for help :)
  12. harrykar

    Solved Problems in ISO's download

    OK, iI'm a new user and that's my n-th try to download (max download rate iI saw 110KiBs) a system's image :( all iI got till now was only partial downloads (e.g. the DVD image stopped after 2 hours of downloading and 500MB). It seems the central server ( id...