Other Create full image of FreeBSD System (MBR)

Hello everybody!
I want to create a full image of my FreeBSD modified for install later in other computers. I've tried several things, but I don't take the MBR. I would like to put all system in one image, because I will have to install alter in 5-7 hosts, if not would be a lot of handwork.
I have the next partitions mounted:
/dev/ada0s1a   on      /
devfs                on      /dev
/dev/md0         on       /etc
/dev/md1          on      /var
fdescfs              on      /dev/fd
procfs               on       /proc
How could I do it?
Thank you for read me and much more for your answer.
Due to that fact that you have three separate physical devices, imaging in your case requires three images, one for each physical device used.
I might be missing something but two of those devices are memory disks.

It might be better to invest some time in setting up a PXE install using an automated installer though. That will allow you to quickly install multiple servers. It's also going to be easier to maintain in the long run. The same server can also be used as a local package repository, keeping everything neatly in one place.