Disk writing utilities for FreeBSD.

let me clarify immediately that I AM RUNNING FREEBSD.
DD is not working on my computer, I intend to write images to SD cards for raspberry Pi. Anyone know any good packages for Disk-writing.
If you're running FreeBSD you also have access to /bin/dd. If that doesn't work then I'd fix those problems first. However... there's always /rescue/dd, that's bound to work.

The main difference between the two is that the latter is statically linked. So even if you're missing libraries and what else that command should always work.
Well that is bizarre. I have never experienced any problems using dd on FreeBSD. Can you give us an example command of how you're using dd?
DD is not working on my computer,
Define "not working". What exactly isn't working? It's one of the most low-level commands available and I have never seen it fail without reason.
DD is not working on my computer
Check to see where the card appears. Type dmesg to find out. DD is a fundamental command on most operating systems and is very unlikely to not work unless you got the command wrong - probably by not having the output destination correct. With a little information from you, we could tell you the command that WILL work.

PS, I have written many RPi SD images on my FreeBSD system.

Edit to add: here is an example command. You have to have the /da0 part correct. Particularly notice that it is the whole disk and does not include a slice, ie. not /da0s1. Just go to the directory where you have the image file and use the one you want instead of my example. Also, could be /da1 but dmesg will tell you. And don't forget that it must be unmounted for this to work.

dd bs=4M if=2015-05-05-raspbian-wheezy.img of=/dev/da0