Solved Problems in ISO's download

OK, iI'm a new user and that's my n-th try to download (max download rate iI saw 110KiBs) a system's image :( all iI got till now was only partial downloads (e.g. the DVD image stopped after 2 hours of downloading and 500MB). It seems the central server ( id superbusy and after a little stop serving; anyway iwas able to download successfully the netinstall ISO because was not so big (58.3MB) but after a little in install attempt iI got a stop at 97% of base.txz in fetching distribution screen. I'm wondering why is not used bittorrent net for ISOs distribution in place of FTP servers
Any workaround?

Edit : solved
iI found a decent German server (700-800 KiBs); it would be awesome if an automatic procedure could do that job.
The FreeBSD Handbook has a list of anonymous FTP mirrors that can be used:

Thanks for reply protocelt iI found it there but iI had to search (e.g. the Greek mirror not worked). iI think it's not nice for a new user start with problems just in download step. iIf is true that bittorrent net (used by some Linux distros for example) has as pro the distribution of large files with minimum source resource bandwidth why not adopt that clever solution?(the upload bandwidth is distributed trough the users, no one point failure, in case of problems retry the download from the last point instead from start, no need from MD5 or SHA that verify the correctnesses etc.) ;)