1. J

    Other Using winoptions in icewm

    Raspberry Pi Bullseye X11 xdm icewm want the matchbox-keyboard program to display without a border so I added the following line to .icewm/winoptions matchbox-keyboard.dBorder: 0 It doesn't work. What am I doing wrong or not doing that I should? I am very new to icewm.
  2. D

    Other How to change GTK / Qt themes in icewm

    Greetings, I've been using icewm as my window manager of choice for a while now but I can't figure out how to change themes for Gtk2-3 and Qt5. I've tried to use x11-themes/lxappearance and x11-themes/Kvantum respectively but neither one seem to make any changes to their dedicated applications...
  3. H

    Other Icewm startup file not working.

    pretty much all of the other configuration text files work but i cannot get startup to work. i got it there by poking it. Read arch wiki and other wikis but i still have no clue on how to get the startup file to work. This is what i have in my startup file. #!/bin/bash nitrogen --restore &...
  4. D

    uxterm issues after upgrades

    My uxterm instances work well at first, but after some time, pressing underscore gets yields ;2;126~ and tilde yields ;2;95~. This happened after upgrade two machines to 12.2-RELEASE within the past two weeks. I also upgraded all the packages as well, so that adds some complication. One machine...
  5. macondo

    Other IceWM and Ratpoison using too much ram

    In Devuan and Slackware the amount of ram used with these window managers, is half than used in FreeBSD. What gives?
  6. D

    Solved How do I get Xorg running?

    I'm just setting up HardenedBSD, which is based on FreeBSD. I was trying to install and get Ice-WM running but whenever I try to run it, I get some messages telling me that it can't open the display and that X must be running. I have a screenshot of the problem at hand. So how do I get X...
  7. T

    Virtualbox Graphics Manager does not screen detec automatic resolution in IceWM!

    Hello over here! I am testing the IceWM window manager in virtualbox, and does not detec automatic screen resolution.The Xorg is automatically configured and I have those vboxguest and vboxservice in the /etc/rc.conf file directory. In Xfce it detects it but it consumes a lot of system...
  8. azathoth

    Guide to 11.1 iceWM desktop

    Install zfs root and add user g with extra group wheel. under security hardening I disable sendmail pkg install -y xorg icewm chromium xf86-video-ati (if you have other card see manual) hit yes to install pkg n update add dbus_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf as root service dbus start echo icewm >...
  9. azathoth

    11.1rc1 on amd64 had chrome on icewm lockup

    Whole screen not usable, mouse moved around but could not click on anything. Anyone suggest what do in such a case? I hard rebooted with power button my amd64 6 core w 16GB ram custom PC from pricewatch adtech. I'm using ZFS on root 2 disk stripe.
  10. azathoth

    Other iceWM really is pleasant

    jwm a shade less both make life so easy
  11. macondo

    HOWTO: IceWM Configuration

    HOWTO: IceWM Configuration (Verbose) Obviously, this is a subjective matter. There are different ways of doing this, I like to edit the files. IceWM comes by default with alt-tab to switch windows, alt-F10 to maximize, alt-F9 to minimize the screen, the Windows key will give you the main menu...
  12. A

    Other IceWM fork

    A developer who goes by name Bbidulock has forked IceWM. Fixed bugs, added new features. The old branch started by original developer, Marko Macek is inactive for years. I am trying to compile it for FreeBSD from source, but there are problems. Has anyone else tried ?
  13. A

    icewm, dillo, idesk slow initial startup

    Hey guys, I am trying to create a custom live-cd and am trying to launch icewm and idesk in X. When I first run X with startx those two programs take several minutes to startup, even though X has finished loading. If I then exit X, then type startx again, they both load up almost...
  14. stewe

    icewm configuration

    hi daemons, I've just installed icewm and I would like to configure it. I know where configuration files are located and, in the end, I know I can do it mannualy. What I am missing are some config tools in ports for icewm. In manual there is icemc, icecc, like here...