icewm, dillo, idesk slow initial startup

Hey guys,

I am trying to create a custom live-cd and am trying to launch icewm and idesk in X.

When I first run X with startx those two programs take several minutes to startup, even though X has finished loading. If I then exit X, then type startx again, they both load up almost instantly. I tried using Blackbox instead of IceWM and it starts up instantly, though of course Idesk still takes a few minutes. Dillo also takes about the same amount of time to start if I try to load it right away, so the problem seems related.

Does anyone know what might be happening, or what I am missing?

Thanks for any help.


If it's slow but shouldn't be, suspect DNS. Set a reverse DNS entry for your hostname in /etc/hosts. But also show your .xinitrc, or whatever you're doing to start X and then the applications.
Reverse DNS didn't fix it.

I forgot to mention that when using icewm-session it does clear the desktop to a blue color, but nothing else shows up on the desktop for about 2 minutes the first time.