1. J

    Mousepad/Mouse neither working for FreeBSD KVM, I am using X server and KDE

    My mouse isn't working, I am running a FreeBSD install using KVM, I have xorg, KDE and even tried adding moused_enable="YES", tried to even change mouses but doesn't work, can someone help me out? It's not just left or right click, I can't do anything at all with the mouse
  2. gordonzar

    Other Writing to a raw disk while it is mounted - Is it possible?

    Is is possible to write to a raw disk like /dev/da0 or /dev/da0s1 while it is mounted? I've been trying an asking around IRC but nobody knows how or even if its possible. This is trivial on a linux system. sorry that i have to bring it up but really... Things I tried (as root, obviously)...
  3. G

    Automatically throttle CPU frequency on high core temperatures?

    I don't usually have my CPU on 100% load for extended periods of time, but I've been recently getting into mining monero and so have been running my FreeBSD machine overnight while the mining software maxes out the CPU usage. I was pretty surprised when I woke up to the computer having shut...
  4. G

    Problems with suspend resume on ASUS motherboard

    I've recently switched to FreeBSD from OpenBSD and I've been trying to get suspend / resume to work. Using zzz appears to successfully suspend the system (the case lights blink as expected, fans shut off, etc), but when I try to resume the system the system boots as if it was never suspended and...
  5. F

    Linux binary vs FreeBSD binary

    I'm working on a project about recompiling Linux binaries to FreeBSD. No, I'm not talking about Linux binary compatibility. I want to do something different. I know FreeBSD and Linux are two different OSes, and it's very hard or maybe impossible to do something like that, but all fine... I will...
  6. qiu3344

    Solved Problems with getting a crash dump

    Hello, I am currently using FreeBSD 14.0-CURRENT and I found a bug that triggers a kernel panic. I wanted to make a kernel crash dump to further investigate the issue, but after a few tries I still did not manage to do it. I started by following the instructions in the FreeBSD Handbook. I check...
  7. codetrotter

    IPv6 routing for VNET jails on FreeBSD 13-RELEASE

    Hi, I have a IPv6 address block of prefix size 64. On my host computer running FreeBSD 13-RELEASE I have three jails: jls JID IP Address Hostname Path 1 svcfw /usr/jail/svcfw 2 www...
  8. H

    How do i get nicotine+ on freebsd?

    After switching from linux, one of the biggest things i miss is nicotine+ (Soulseek Client) It has been deleted from the ports but is there a way to still get it? Thanks.
  9. F

    Possible problem on FreeBSD 2021 dev-summit

    I were taking a look at conference and I guess: More info: which is "IIPv6 on FreeBSD by...
  10. F

    Can I compile Linux hardware code with FreeBSD?

    So I have a close-source wi-fi card. It works fine with windows ofc and fine with Linux because Ubuntu's developers develop a hardware support for that driver and its open-source. So Im really enjoying using FreeBSD but not being able to connection internet without ethernet cable or extra wi-fi...
  11. decuser

    Thanks for being a helpful and friendly community

    Today, I am reflecting on my experiences with online support channels over the years and recently. This board has been prominent in both timeframes. As I look back on the years, it's amazing how much help I've needed, asked for, received, and even given :). I for one, appreciate this board and...
  12. F

    [INFO] How to avoid from (su: Sorry) error or "message"

    THERE IS THE COMMAND: sudo pw group mod wheel -m !username_here!
  13. M

    Solved Is Vulkan supported on the radeonkms kernel module?

    I want to install a Vulkan SDK on FreeBSD. I tried installing almost every package listed in the last post of this thread using this Linux Vulkan installation tutorial as a guide on a Radeon HD 6310, which uses the radeonkms kernel module. The packages installed successfully, but starting...
  14. Spity

    Pkg slow to download

    I'm doing some clean FreeBSD installs and pkg is very slow to download packages (400/500 kb/s). Is there any way to choose another mirror for faster installation?
  15. P

    amdgpu and DRI problem

    Good evening, I recently installed FreeBSD for second time in my life, and I experienced trouble with DRI. I can't find it anywhere, so I will ask here. Is provided by any package or port? I've tried to launch linux-enemyterritory and I'm only able to run it in swrast mode because...
  16. J

    unknown type name intrmask_t when include sys/systm.h

    I am new to freebsd, just imported #include <sys/systm.h> errors Not find uintfptr_t Intrmask_t definitions, Do yall know what else I need to include or change? n file included from main.c:4: /usr/include/sys/systm.h:419:39: error: unknown type name 'uintfptr_t'; did you mean...
  17. D

    Other Goland IDE debugging tool in FreeBSD

    Hello here, So FreeBSD has the following port devel/jetbrains-goland which provides with this IDE. It works, however, it's debugging tool might not be working, or at least it is not working in my installation under FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p9. When I try to use the debugger within it, I get the...
  18. M

    Solved Portmaster: Unattended installation of Vim

    Hi I am new to FreeBSD and I have a fresh installation of it in front of me and to start editing config files before installing anything else I wanted to install Vim. But after hitting <OK> for the 1.000 time (at least it felt like 1.000), I just aborted it and tried out some flags to have an...
  19. J

    Ayuda con Samba48 en FreeBSD 11.2 - Help with Samba48 in FreeBSD 11.2

    Saludos compañeros tengo una duda y es super urgente, es que acabo de instalar Samba en FreeBSD 11.2 ya que el la 11.1 no se podia por error de instalacion, el punto es que cuando instalo Samba el archivo de configuracion smb4.conf que esta supuesto a estar en la ubicacion...
  20. logo4poop

    Dumping then restarting

    Yesterday I installed FreeBSD on my laptop today when I turned on my computer it said dumping 10%..15%..etc Then it says dumping successful then the computer restarts. What's wrong? Edit: It worked yesterday