Thanks for being a helpful and friendly community

Today, I am reflecting on my experiences with online support channels over the years and recently. This board has been prominent in both timeframes. As I look back on the years, it's amazing how much help I've needed, asked for, received, and even given :). I for one, appreciate this board and the members who make it a positive and helpful community every day. Y'all are great and your combined expertise is staggering. Recently, I've posted a number of questions on the board and on another board of a UNIX-like OS. On this board, all of the questions have been responded to and resolved satisfactorily. On the other board, not so much... They have a heart system similar to our likes and in a few days, my pretty simple and straight forward questions have received several hearts, but zero answers, comments or questions. I have to say, I prefer answers, clarifying questions, or even comments, to hearts!

So, seriously, thanks for being a great and helpful community. Keep it up!
I'm often amazed by the patience of some of the most helpful members of these forums. In many cases, much more patience than I could muster 😬
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