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  1. F

    Can I compile Linux hardware code with FreeBSD?

    So I have a close-source wi-fi card. It works fine with windows ofc and fine with Linux because Ubuntu's developers develop a hardware support for that driver and its open-source. So Im really enjoying using FreeBSD but not being able to connection internet without ethernet cable or extra wi-fi...
  2. S

    MATE Compton transparency issue.

    So I installed mate DE and compton, but whenever I bring up a terminal I get this weird transparent after on all of my open windows. example in the file I attached.
  3. G

    Other File System (Help)

    Hi, Im doing a work for school and i need to talk about File System, and i choiced FreeBSD to talk about it. Do you guys know what kinda File System FreeBSD use? Its kinda a dumb question, sorry.
  4. J

    unknown type name intrmask_t when include sys/systm.h

    I am new to freebsd, just imported #include <sys/systm.h> errors Not find uintfptr_t Intrmask_t definitions, Do yall know what else I need to include or change? n file included from main.c:4: /usr/include/sys/systm.h:419:39: error: unknown type name 'uintfptr_t'; did you mean...
  5. R

    Basics for Beginners

    Hi, I am totally new to FreeBSD, I have been wanting to learn it for a long time. I am starting to learn the shell but I want to know if there is a command that allows me to list all the utilities that I can use? Also is there a command I can type to load a default GUI? I am using FreeBSD for...
  6. M

    setting up freebsd server and linux client

    Hello I'm very new to FreeBSD and I need you guys to help me out with something. (my English is not so good, sorry for mistakes) Our teacher asked us to set up a server on FreeBSD and have Linux as a client to share files and manage the client. I've just downloaded and installed FreeBSD and...
  7. EngineGeek21

    Application Not Opening: What did i do wrong

    Hey everyone, I'm new to FreeBSD and to the forums, so I might be here often... My question is why does my app not open when I click run??? The app I am trying to open is CuraEngine, it's a 3-D printing slicer software. Whenever I search it up on the start menu and click "Run CuraEngine," it...
  8. TAL15

    Help with mate GUI

    hello, I'm new to BSD, I was a distro-hopper in Linux for a while and have been experiencing difficulties in making the MATE desktop work, After running the command #mate-session To test the GUI I get this message, WARNING **: Cannot open display; I already downloaded Xorg so this should be...
  9. spmzt

    Solved Help FreeBSD in Iran

    Hello How do I apply for help FreeBSD in Iran? (For example, translate into Persian, BSD support forum in iran ...)