Solved Help FreeBSD in Iran

I think many here would agree that any kind of help/support is a good idea. In general, you do not "apply", you just do something. I'm quite new to FreeBSD and it'll take me some more time until I really use it on my main machines, but seeing some software I want to use missing, I just started creating ports. The first attempt was a fail, and I will revisit this one soon, but right now, I'm maintainer of two (not so mainstream) ports :) No application involved, just submitted my work and as soon as it was good enough, it was included.

If you just feel you want to help with "something", but you have no idea yet what exactly this could be, I agree with lme@ and cpm that contacting other users from Iran might be a good starting point :)
@pouria.mzt, Welcome I'm also iranian.
I really don't know why many people in Iran use cracked Windows while FreeBSD does every thing they need, in many cases even better.
Just wanted to say: You are trying to do a very correct job.