Edit files through FTP

I'm looking to use FTP as a filesharing system on my LAN. I can mount the volume on my LAN, and can read files, but not write.

Is this a permissions issue, or can I provide some directives in a conf file so I can write?

For LAN there are much better protocols to use. Depending on the client Samba or NFS would be a much better choice.

In any case, can you write at all? I mean add new files? If not it's most likely a permission issue.
OK, maybe NFS is a better tool. Will look into it. Since it's a simple LAN application, I wanted to go simple. FTP isn't allowing me to do anything, write, touch new files, etc.
If I recall correctly the default FTP, when enabled, only allows anonymous access. And I think that's read-only. But it's been a while since I used the FTP server.
I logged in using my un/pw combination. It went to my home directory. It seems NFS is a proper filesharing system in any case. Cheers