freebsd 11

  1. V

    C/C++ MMap in FreeBSD 11

    Hi , I have question about mmap and /dev/mem in the FreeBSD 11. We found, that ours applications does not work correct in the 11 - there is a problem with mapping physical memory via mmap and /dev/mem device - we are receiving "Permission Denied" error. Is there any important change in the new...
  2. G

    Open Sound System - OSS "soundon" command causes KERNEL PANIC FreeBSD-11

    Hi, I haven't seen a Kernel Panic like this for a long time... i.e. repeatable and due to a single command. I have compiled the port /usr/ports/audio/oss and installed it on FreeBSD11. A ran /usr/local/sbin/ossdetect which created the file /usr/local/lib/oss/etc/installed_drivers. Contents...
  3. aragats

    ThinkPad LEDs

    Is it possible to control ThinkPad LEDs? I'm using FreeBSD 11.0-CURRENT on ThinkPad T430. The driver acpi_ibm is supposed to provide such functionality. Under /dev/led I have: ahci0.0.fault ahci0.0.locate ahci0.1.fault ahci0.1.locate ahci0.4.fault ahci0.4.locate em0 thinklight I have no idea...