1. A

    FreeBSD 13.0 - amd64-dvd1 iso is too large to fit DVD

    Hi, I've downloaded FreeBSD-13.0-RELEASE-amd64-dvd1.iso from here: and I've tried to burn it on a real DVD to test it on my machine. Unfortunately the burn cannot be started, because the file is too large to fit my DVD...
  2. F

    Where is the FreeBSD first boot setup scripts

    I want to modify and add some commands on first system installation screen. So how can I?
  3. christhegeek

    Is it possible to port bspwm-rounded-corners and picom with blur effects ?

    Is it possible to port bspwm-rounded-corners and picom with blur effects ? Tried to compile bspwm-rounded-corners misses some dev libraries which I don't know if they are available on FreeBSD. Tried to search for...
  4. F

    Solved Oops error after removing Glade

    So I just wanna remove Glade UI design thing and now my gnome not opening and giving "oops something went wrong". So how can I fix? I guess removing glade removed some necessary packages together neither.
  5. F

    Linux Binary Compatibility and Zoom

    First of all, I don't wanna want to use Zoom on web version. I want to use it with FreeBSD. I take a look at Linux Binary Compatibility but got lots of errors. I'm guessing they are about shared objects maybe? I saw a package exist for FreeBSD Zoom but it says sound unstable and under...
  6. F

    How can I customize FreeBSD Boot loader?

    We are seeing a menu with FreeBSD logo and FreeBSD ball devil on boot. I want to change codes that running when we select a boot option. I already checked /boot. I saw menu.rc and loader.rc but I want to change codes that running when selected an option. So how? Some information about my...
  7. F

    [INFO] 3 things that DESTROYS Gnome3

    1)Full disk space causes on boot on black screen 2)Less ram causes gnome to crashes or black screen
  8. F

    [INFO] How to avoid from (su: Sorry) error or "message"

    THERE IS THE COMMAND: sudo pw group mod wheel -m !username_here!
  9. F

    Solved Pre-installed packages in FreeBSD

    So I want to build an FreeBSD iso with hexedit preinstalled. I'm doing that to understand how to build custom iso's. I don't have so much idea about custom kernel build. I mean I don't know how can I do that. I take a look to GhostBSD-src and FreeBSD-src over github and see some tutorials to...
  10. F


    I installed FreeBSD on vmware and all I want to do for two days is to install a properly working Gnome. My hope has tried to end because it seems like there is no solution left that I haven't searched on the internet. I have an Nvidia graphics card and I suspect that too. I followed this post to...
  11. C

    Solved PF Nat over OpenVPN Client

    Hello. I have such a problem. I have FreeBSD 12.1-RELEASE router (with 3 interfaces) - LAN HOME(192.168.22.), LAN WORK(192.168.11.), WAN( My router connect to NordVPN over OpenVPN as a client (creates new TUN0 with address I want now to nat only one host from LAN_HOME (...
  12. ShelLuser

    [Guide] Using Git to manage ports, source and documentation.

    Hi gang! Disclaimer: I am honestly a little excited about recent developments so expect to find some (small) opinionated parts in this guide. Nothing excessive mind you, but I can sometimes get a little carried away and despite some believes I never really plan guides like this. Editorial In...
  13. christhegeek

    A small video i made for playing steam games on FreeBSD 13 beta 4

    A small video i made for playing steam games on FreeBSD 13 beta 4 (wait to process higher resolution) View:
  14. D

    Segmentation Fault GPU

    Hello, whenever I run clinfo or clpeak I get this error: clpeak: Platform: Clover Device: AMD CEDAR (DRM 2.50.0 / 12.2-RELEASE-p3, LLVM 10.0.1) Driver version : 20.2.3 (FreeBSD) Compute units : 2 Clock frequency : 650 MHz Segmentation fault (core dumped) clinfo; ... ICD...
  15. Spity

    Solved Help to run a simple script on startup

    How can run this script on startup? #!/bin/bash sudo kldload fuse sudo ntfs-3g /dev/ada2s1 /mnt/ -o -ro xdg-open /mnt/ &> /dev/null
  16. BilalIscarioth

    Xorg | Asus X751BP

    Hello BSD Communities ! I achieve to install properly FreeBSD but my computer don't work to load Xorg12 with this errors message Drivers: - AMD A9 9420 - Radeon MX420 Computer: Asus X751BP
  17. P

    Compiling btree which is part of the freebsd source code

    Hello all, I want to use the btree present in /lib/libc/db/btree of the freebsd source code. How do I compile it in an ubuntu userspace?
  18. Spity

    Solved Change language of Gnome Desktop

    Hi, I have installed FreeBSD 12.2 with Gnome. Is there any way to change it to Spanish?
  19. S

    FreeBSD desktop environment / workstation configuration how-to's

    Being in the process of doing that for myself, I think it can be useful to put together a list of the most recent / breadth-some links on how to run FreeBSD as a full-fledged workstation. (after having done the same for openbsd, although there probably are far less pages) Here is my first catch...
  20. T

    Compile FreeBSD for a Different Target

    Hello, I would like to compile part of the FreeBSD sources (compiling on FreeBSD) for a different target string, e.g. x86_64-pc-linux-gnu. Is there a way to specifiy make to compile for this architecture/target? Thank you for your consideration,