1. sidetone

    Increase terminal font with allscreens?

    How do I increase the terminal font size by using the allscreens variable in rc.conf? In my file, I have allscreens_flags="green" which sets the font to green. If this is put into /boot/loader.conf, will these settings occur sooner during boot up?
  2. 53hornet

    Pango Unicode Characters -- Rendering Errors

    Greetings. I have been trying to configure a few of my applications (namely x11/rofi and x11-wm/i3-gaps) with an icon font called Material Design Icons Desktop. It's a font made up of numerous Unicode glyphs, similar to Font Awesome. The problem is those glyphs render with these strange "Unicode...
  3. N

    Converting OTF/TTF fonts to FNT for usage in vt

    I'm currently setting up a new FreeBSD 12 install, and would like to use a custom font in the vty. The font in question is Hack, and I'm using vt as vty console driver. I've looked through all relevant manpages I found (vt, vtfontcvt, vidcontrol, vidfont), and tried different ways and tools of...
  4. fnoyanisi

    Guake does not display UTF-8

    Hi there, I have x11/guake installed but UTF-8 characters are not properly displayed in the terminal. More specifically, the characters in the editors/vim airline extension appear as question marks. Similar problem exists for the Tagbar extension of editors/vim as well. I have tested these...
  5. N

    Solved Recommended Xorg Font Configuration Method

    As suggested in many posts, many times on this forum and in the Handbook - I removed my old /usr/local/etc/X11/xorg.conf configuration file, and let Xorg do its auto-detection thing. However, after running startx, Xorg ran OK but I couldn't open x11/xterm or x11/rxvt-unicode and my window...
  6. EmeraldBot

    Solved Fonts Look Fuzzy and Blurry

    Hello! Alright, here's a problem I've been struggling with. Fonts look very fuzzy and blurry when antialiased, and I've tried the whole gamut of works to fix it: Subpixel rendering, LCD Filtering, the various modes of hinting, disabling and enabling the autohinter, replacing some fonts with...