Solved Fonts changed after installing linux-dwarffortress


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Among other issues I'm having with linux packages, after installing linux-dwarffortress my terminal and web browser fonts have been replaced. In my web browser on some pages, I get text that looks like this:


And in Alacritty, it acts as if my terminal font is missing. I use x11-fonts/terminus-font but it's replaced with a squished version of some Sans font:

Does anyone know what causes this? I tried to remove font-adobe-100dpi and with it xorg-fonts, but after a reboot I get the same result. Font configuration on FreeBSD is one of the harder things for me to wrap my head around.
Solved by removing the terminus-font package, deleting the directory in /usr/local/share/fonts, and reinstalling. It appears to have collided somewhere down the line and Terminus was replaced with an adobe-looking font
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