"No Screens Found"

Help out.
I have a FreeBSD game machine.
It was the fifth year of trouble-free use, but then one day, when turning on, an error got out
"No Screens Found"

And I am on FreeBSD and Linux a little less than zero.

I checked the video card, in perfect order. Even stress tests pass without errors.

I ask for your help about the guru.

Please post your Xorg.0.log: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | nc termbin.com 9999
Don't have access to that.
I doubt the vendor is still supporting it. That arcade cabinet is nearly a decade old.

Looking at the pictures, it's FreeBSD 9.1-RELEASE, support for that ended in December 2014. If nobody touched the configuration, or tried to update that system then it should just work. Kernel module seems to be loaded correctly (kldstat(8) output), so that just leaves the Xorg configuration that changed, which caused it to stop working.