dual booting

  1. usernamekiran

    How to dual boot with Windows 7?

    Hello, I have a laptop with bundled Windows 7. I want to dual boot it with FreeBSD 11. Till now, I used to dual/multi boot using Linux. Basically, I used to edit /boot/grub/menu.lst with appropriate entries so that I could get the option of all three OS at the time of boot. But with this laptop...
  2. Harmnot

    Can’t Boot after finishing installation

    Hey I have done to install FreeBSD on my external HDD, but I can’t boot and can't find any dual boot on it How can I can dual boot with FreeBSD? My BIOS is legacy, not UEFI. NVidia Optimus, my external HDD is Seagate, I never format that Seagate I saw the disk of BSD on my Seagate but it...
  3. usernamekiran

    How to multi-boot with Windows 10, and Linux Mint 18?

    Hello. Recently I got a new laptop (Alienware 13 R2). It has UEFI. I also have a non UEFI desktop, and laptop. On the the desktop, I have XP, FreeBSD 8.1, and Linux Mint 7 (XFCE); and on laptop I have Windows 7, Mint 7, and FreeBSD 11.1. On both of these computers, in Linux Mint I have edited...
  4. Х

    Solved Can not boot to Windows

    I'm a retired Windows programmer and would like to learn FreeBSD while I have the time. So I have installed FreeBSD-11.1-RELEASE-i386-dvd1.iso on the third partition of my Vista notebook (which I created while in Windows). FreeBSD boots fine but since I do not know much of it I would like to...
  5. D

    FreeBSD dualboot with linux - how-to? none EFI

    Hi there, I have 2 Linux OSes running on my Hdd and wonder how I can install FreeeBSD 11.1 on it without destroying my existing OSes. Like in Linux I create 1 partition and flag it as / (root) and all is good. Also, does Grub recognize FreeBSD and where would I write the boot sector to not...
  6. Farhan Khan

    Solved Grub Failing to boot FreeBSD

    I am dual-booting Linux (Ubuntu 16.04) and FreeBSD on the same laptop. I decided to use Grub2 (explanation below). Since Linux boots, I am doing this from Linux. The kernel appears to boot and scrolls through the kernel messages, but then ends with the following message: Mountroot: waiting for...
  7. asys

    Dual-booting Windows 10 alongside FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE

    How do I go about having Windows 10 alongside FreeBSD 11.0-RELEASE on a same physical hard drive? Freebsd handbook is excellent(reason for choosing FreeBSD), but I can't seem to find the way to do this. A little bit of background, I did dual-boot my older machine with Windows 7 alongside...
  8. O

    bootloader FreeBSD [newbie question]

    Hi, sorry for the ignorance, it is the first time that I install FreeBSD. I wondered if FreeBSD automatically installs a boot loader, because I want to make a dual boot with Gentoo, Gentoo grub maintaining and adding the voice FreeBSD (of course I will use UFS partitions compatibility grub), thanks.
  9. BeOurGuest

    3 way boot (Linux Windows FreeBSD)

    I'm new to FreeBSD and beyond just using it in a virtual machine, I've yet to actually install it onto working hardware (my next step). I'm a bit curious (or confused) by some of the documentation I've been reading concerning multiple partitions. My setup is as follows. sda0 8.0gb - swap...
  10. A

    FreeBSD 10.2 on GELI Encryption - OS Independent Booting

    PROS: Tow OSes taking full advantage of machine resources CONS: Missing share data capabilities but it is an upcoming fix. So far so good, dual booting Windows 7 and FreeBSD by taking full advantage of the machine resources. The mix involves hosting the FreeBSD root partition on same hard...