1. Nyakov

    QLogic QLE8142-IBMX unstable on FreeBSD and Windows

    Hi. I have stability issues(to point of unusability) with QLogic QLE8142 on FreeBSD. Before trying to open issue on bugtracker I need help to verify sanity of my actions. Perhaps I am missing something? I have two 10G Qlogic converged network cards. QLogic QLE8142-IBMX (42C1802) QLogic...
  2. B

    Issues on Sony PCG-C1VN

    Hello, A bit of introduction: as most FreeBSD beginner users (I suppose), I come from Linux. I want to run FreeBSD on a Sony PCG-C1VN laptop as stated in the thread name, and it is pretty ancient. This is a side project for myself, I want a fun old painful to use portable terminal running...
  3. I

    Is there any DAC compatible with FreeBSD?

    I decided to move from Windows 7 to a BSD or Linux OS on desktop and I'll start a home server probably with FreeBSD. I have a few concerns because I have a few USB devices which has drivers / applications only for Windows. One of them is a Suunto Ambit3 sport watch, the other is a Sabaj D3 DAC...
  4. W

    Solved Help Please - Controller Card Driver Install

    I am going to start off and say that I have very very limited experience with CLi in Linux and I am finding out FreeBSD is different. I have a Highpoint Rocket Raid 3740A card that I need to get installed on my FREEBSD system. Attached is the readme file and I also have a link to the driver...
  5. T

    Solved Obsolete abandonware! drm-legacy-kmod

    I installed graphics/drm-legacy-kmod-g20190213 which results in a bunch of messages when loading thus: Apr 8 23:54:33 tiger kernel: drmn0: ======================================================= Apr 8 23:54:33 tiger kernel: drmn0: This code is obsolete abandonware. Install the...
  6. RedPhoenix

    No Sound In FreeBSD :(

    So the title is pretty self-explanatory. First, let me say this: FreeBSD DEFINITELY sees my Sound Card, but I'm unsure as to how to make it work. Here's the output of dmesg | grep pcm: pcm0: <Realtek ALC282 (Analog)> at nid 20 and 25 on hdaa0 pcm1: <Realtek ALC282 (Analog)> at nid 33 and 18...
  7. P

    Need help on porting ext2fs driver

    I am trying to port ext2fs driver to our code-base (which doesn't have OS) I can see that in ext2_vfsops.c file, mount related functions are registered with VFS using VFS_SET I browsed the code, but I am not able to find the exact function call flow for ext2_mount Basically, I want to know...
  8. N

    Configuring Ralink wireless device

    How can I configure Ralink rt3290 wifi adapter device for wifi connection?
  9. E

    Atheros QCA6174 driver

    Hello FreeBSD forums! I'd love to make the switch to BSD as a current Linux user. However, my laptop is an Acer Aspire R5-571T-57Z0 and I can't seem to find the correct drivers. I know that in the installation of Debian, I had to grab extra firmware files. In looking around elsewhere, I found...
  10. Lars Skogstad

    Solved Soundcard drivers RME Adi 2 Pro

    Hello Ive installed FreeBSD 11.1 with KDE5 Plasma, everything seems to be stable and working fine. It discovered all my hardware even my printer but not my external USB soundcard. Im using a RME Adi 2 Pro - usb soundcard and ive been trying to search around for answers with no luck. I found...
  11. I

    Need help installing driver!

    Hey, i'm a noob to FreeBSD and just got done with my 13th install. Finally got kde working but i need help getting this driver. link to driver: This is the right driver, on every linux install that gave me driver trouble i had, this was the one. Please help...
  12. K

    RTL8812BU with FreeBSD

    Hello, is it possible to get drivers for RTL8812BU to install on freeBSD? Best regards kinganon
  13. D

    Solved Binary-only drivers in the base system

    Does a regular FreeBSD install include non-free binary-only drivers, like those for Nvidia graphics PS By 'non-free' I mean not open source.
  14. T

    Linux guest on bhyve graphic driver

    I am running arch Linux guest via bhyve. I already installed xorg-server and xorg-xinit on the guest. But I am not sure which graphic driver I should install and I don't know if I have to install any graphic components at the host as well?
  15. fort77

    hardware support and Linux

    I have a two questions about the status and future of hardware support (most commonly video cards and wireless) on FreeBSD. These are general questions and I felt they probably belonged here not in a sub-category. 1- Does Linux have better access/availability of drivers compared to FreeBSD? I...
  16. Kernan Mzelikahle

    Installing a Graphics Drivers

    Greetings I have noticed that on my laptops when I install FreeBSD, almost always, I run using the VESA driver. The graphics is not so good. I have read threads that talk about using the xf86-video-intel driver, and at some point mention loading i915kms.ko module. But all this does not seem to...
  17. Y

    Synergy, Virtualbox, Mousecursor-Polling

    I've installed Virtualbox to have USB-Drivers for my USB-Devices, did plug an old USB 1.1 Hub to my Computer to force my devices into USB 1.1 mode and pass them to my VM. Drivers and Devices are working fine so far. Next was i did set up Synergy within an Virtualbox-Machine(win 8.1) as a Server...
  18. goshanecr

    Solved AIGLX broken on AMD Radeon

    Good day! After ports upgrade I have a broken 3D in system. Can you friends help me find what causes the problem and how I can solve it? uname -a FreeBSD home 11.0-STABLE FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE #0 r312172: Sat Jan 14 19:58:53 NSK 2017 user@home:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/BSDSERV amd64 kldstat 1...
  19. P

    Why were "block devices" dropped?

    I am a relative noob to the storage world in general and FreeBSD in particular. OF what I have been learning of late, I have become somewhat familiar with such concepts like disk queuing, IOPs, latencies and the likes I am also reading the classic 'The design and implementation of the FreeBSD...
  20. E

    FreeBSD on Macbook 12"

    Hi, I'm trying to install FreeBSD 11 on my Macbook 12" retina, but I encountered the following problem: once the system loads and appears the Welcome Menu, where I can chose between install, shell or LiveCD, I cannot move on because the keyboard is not working. The only key working, luckily, is...