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  1. T

    ZFS_COLOR Use ANSI color in zfs diff and zfs list output.

    Stumbled by accident over the env variable browsing in zfs. Some of you might find it useful as I do. .
  2. Sergei_Shablovsky

    How to setup using different font size (and possible different fonts) in different vt ?

    Dear FreeBSD Gurus! This mean (for example) “8x16” in ttyv1 (autologon btop user w/ restrictions) and “10x18” in all others ttys. Thank You all for detailed explanation! ;)
  3. R

    Dracula theme using bash shell

    Hi, after looking at a few threads I made it possible to set the correct colours to the bash terminal in Freebsd. I am using the Windows terminal and the colours were correctly displayed: Here is the webpage for the pallete and the idea: If there is...
  4. mayers

    Shell Bourne SH Customization and Completion

    It is possible to complete sh shell commands as in bash example. Thank you
  5. S

    Solved Why are my Aliases not Accepted? [CSH and SH]

    Hello everyone, I'm following Urban Penguin's (UP) Udemy course on FreeBSD; in module eight he enlightens me on the existence of aliases, a remarkably useful feature. Supplemented by this FreeBSD Wiki on aliases, I tried to follow UP's example and add an alias to the cshell. I open .cshrc, in...
  6. jambock.84

    New formatting sequences for the PS1 special variable in FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE

    DISCLAIMER: Introduction By this time it should be already old news that /bin/sh has become the new default shell instead of /bin/csh. But perhaps more subtle is that this new version of Bourne Shell has expanded support for the formatting sequences supported by the PS1 special variable as can...
  7. illegalcoding

    Other i3 uses default cursor on desktop and bar

    For some reason, my i3 setup uses the default x11 black cursor when i hover over my polybar or over my desktop. I have no idea why, because (some) gtk apps (except for nwg-look) use the cursor I have set in ~/.gtkrc-2.0, ~/.Xresources, ~/.config/gtk-3.0/settings.ini...
  8. hansw

    Hoping to not be offtopic

    In the past I used a lot of aliases. It looks like there is no way to setup an alias while having /bin/sh as the env. So today I switched it to bash, it does work. Is there any reason to not have aliases in /bin/sh? Or am I simply missing something?
  9. mayers

    Set VT Console

    When I run vid control I get this error vidcontrol: getting active vty: Inappropriate ioctl for device loader.conf########################################### # Boot boot_mute="YES" autoboot_delay="5" #vesa_load="YES" #splash_pcx_load="YES" #bitmap_load="YES"...
  10. Russian_Man

    Solved How to change vt console font size?

    Friends, good day! How can I change console font size to bigger?
  11. C

    Nvidia card, vt console and i915kms

    FreeBSD 13.3 p4 CPU Xeon E5 2420 Graphic card Nvidia Quadro FX 570 Using mostly terminal. Using X11/Xwindows, scarcely. -sc console works ok and I can have small fonts on the console -But I want to use the vt console w/ small fonts. I rummage thru forums and web sites but it is said that I...
  12. T

    Solved terminal font messed up after updating packages for select characters

    I updated my system on October 13 and my font is messed up for a few characters: fi fl If I type ai or al, the problem doesn't occur, but for fi, or fl, it does. It seems like a fixed-width font issue, but I'm not sure why or what would have changed just by updating my packages...
  13. B

    Solved VB guest console display too small, needs more lines

    Hi forum I'm having FreeBSD 13.2 with KDE plasma on my desktop. This is installed to bare metal. This is also my Virtualbox host. All good so far. I've just installed a small version of FreeBSD (without any GUI) as a VB guest. Now when I start the guest, the console is too small. 25 lines...
  14. sidetone

    jbxvt terminal emulator: adding WM_CLASS and increasing/changing font?

    On other terminal emulators, I can use xprop together with grep to get their WM_CLASS. From that, I can add this value to .Xresources or .Xdefaults for adjusting fonts and other terminal properties. .xrdb .Xresources; xrdb -merge .Xresources (or .Xdefaults) would reset it. Nothing shows for...
  15. E

    Boot menu screen resolution in UEFI mode

    Please tell me how to change the boot menu screen resolution in UEFI mode. I set the screen resolution parameters to 1920x1080 in loader.conf. It works and the text becomes clear. But the menu, logo and brand are in 1/4 of the screen. On some widescreen monitors? the menu is stretched to full...
  16. hishnik

    Solved FreeBSD 13.2 vt-console shortcuts L_Alt+d - works, but R_Alt+d - don't work

    Eventually I've installed fresh FreeBSD 13.2 and found this problem. Alt+d should delete word in front of the cursor. It drives me crazy. How to make it work correctly?
  17. A

    Polish localization issues.

    Help me understand how localization works in FreeBSD. I'm trying to change it to Polish, but I can't. Let's leave Xorg for now, just the console. What do I want to achieve? - ee editor in Polish, Polish messages and Polish characters in messages - pl keyboard layout (programmers) - the...
  18. l3ullseye

    Solved Problem to display proper prompt in a terminal with sh

    I'm in FreeBSD 13.1 and if I login from the console and enter startx, the prompt in the terminal emulators works fine and displays username@hostname:directory $, but if I use Slim to login the prompt in the terminal emulators only displays $ no matter what folder I am, if I source the shell ...
  19. P

    Solved Server Hardening: Do I need ttys in the gettytab ?

    My server has a VGA and several USB connectors to display the console. I am still using sc as it works well and I do have a running setup which fit my needs. But I am using sc only in case of hardware changes. My daily use is connection with ssh through my Desktop Terminals. I also don't have a...
  20. M

    Increasing depth/number of rows on terminal screen?

    I have just installed FreeBSD 13.1 on a laptop. I have a resolution of 1920x1080 but only 32 lines are displayed which is hard to work with. I would prefer 40-48 reducing the text size. I'm sure I'm using Framebuffer. I tried adding drm-kmod but that didn't change anything.