1. vermaden

    HOWTO: Ghost in the Shell - Part 2

    I would like to share HOWTO in Ghost in the Shell series about efficient working in the UNIX shell environment. Ghost in the Shell - Part 2 https://vermaden.wordpress.com/2018/07/08/ghost-in-the-shell-part-2/
  2. E

    Solved syscons configuration issue

    Hello, my problem is related with scrollbuffer size in my csh. I have figured out that i must use sc instead of vt, and already done it. Also I can increase my scrollback size using vidcontrol -h <number> command. The current problem is that I can't save this result after rebooting. Another...
  3. athan

    Need help with key bindings in .cshrc

    I want to enable some common key bindings for t/csh on my dedicated server (freebsd 11 rel) but noticed some really weird behavior! Let me explain the situation. My .cshrc follows umask 22 set path = (/sbin /bin /usr/sbin /usr/bin /usr/local/sbin /usr/local/bin $HOME/bin) setenv EDITOR vi...
  4. A

    Weird behaviour (df/mv command not found

    Hi guys/gals , I've upgraded my install after latest sec. advisories ( 10.3) and now I'm getting df : Command not found mv : Command not found PATH seems to be fine. Also calling it with /bin/df gives me the same output. Anyone with the same problem?