1. Kamey03

    Will my computer be compatible with FreeBSD?

    Hello everyone, I'm a linux and windows user who never tried any form of BSD before, I'd like to install BSD on my computer and try it out, possibly learn about it and its usage. I'm wondering if my computer will be capable of running FreeBSD with a desktop environment, as I don't know if my...
  2. bstolk

    Alder Lake CPU

    When I upgraded my system from a 4th gen Intel CPU to a 12th gen Intel CPU, FreeBSD no longer booted. FreeBSD 13 stopped after printing EFI fb information. I tried integrated graphics, and Radeon graphics. Same halting point when booting from installation media, as well. So I tried FreeBSD...
  3. aponomarenko

    A new way to find compatible parts for a computer based on self-reporting

    A new method of searching for compatible parts for upgrading a computer has become available based on the data from the portal using the hw-probe telemetry/self-reporting client. The idea is quite simple — different users of the same computer model (or motherboard) can use...
  4. Y

    "Operating System Not Found" on ThinkPad G40

    Hello, I have an old IBM ThinkPad G40 with an mSATA to IDE adapter so I could use an SSD in the machine. The installation went just fine. However, when I boot the machine (from the drive), it says "Operating System Not Found". I'm not sure if this is related, but the BIOS does not have...
  5. A

    Solved W++SF

    Hypothetically speaking, what do you think of WSF i.e. Windows Subsystem for FreeBSD? Any justification or possibility? Something similar to WSL 2, with full kernel, man -S 2 compatibility and BSD toolchain (not GPL licensed) especially Clang. P.S. There are two types of questions: questions and...
  6. J

    Wireless Card compatibility (RTL8192EE) and ndisgen

    Hello, I installed FreeBSD 12.1 on my desktop, which has a TP-Link TL-WN881ND, which in itself has the Realtek RTL8192EE. I went through the handbook and found that (unless I am missing something), I should use the XP drivers via ndisgen as I did not find a driver anywhere in the docs or...
  7. J

    Solved Compatabilty on Lenovo Ideapad 320s-13ikb

    Hello, Once again here to ask if anyone knows if the Lenovo Ideapad 320s-13ikb has decent compatibility with FreeBSD, and if not, is there a list of known compatible laptops around? Cannot seem to find it. Thanks!
  8. myshkin

    How can I open GOG (Linux) games?

    I try to open GOG (Linux) games via FreeBSD but I always get this error: Found path: /home/ezio/Documents/GOGGames/Oxenfree/game/Oxenfree.x86_64 Mono path[0] = '/home/ezio/Documents/GOGGames/Oxenfree/game/Oxenfree_Data/Managed' Mono path[1] =...
  9. Ricardoqsx

    Stuck/Changes in Samba42 from Samba36

    Hello there! I'm new in the FreeBSD forums, and in the system in general, but FreeBSD calls me so much to learn about the UNIX universe (servers, sysadmins, things like that) Well, let me comment about my plan in my work: When I was hired in my work, I noticed about a issue related a...
  10. fnoyanisi

    Solved Brother Laser Printer compability

    Hi there, I was looking for a budget friendly, double-sided, wireless, laser printer and found this one today (and they have $30 cashback - yay! ) Has anybody had any experience with wireless printers and especially with this model? In...
  11. Kalero

    sysctl compat.linux.osrelease

    Hi! According to the FreeBSD handbook, before installing the emulators/linux_base-c6 port/package in order to enable Linux compatibility, you should do sysctl compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.18 but, if I am right, the latest emulators/linux_base-c6 port/package is based on a newer Linux kernel...
  12. F

    Silent PC for FreeBSD? Low power consumption, low price

    Hello, I would like to buy a PC that is fully compatible with FreeBSD. I want to use Intel Graphics Drivers to avoid driver trouble. The system needs to be very silent - it would be great if it had no fans at all. I do not have very much knowledge of current hardware and do not know how to...