1. Z

    FreeBSD 13.1 AMD 4700U amdgpu X failing to start

    Hi, I'm real new to BSD. I'm trying to run X on my laptop. It's running a 4700U which according to the list says it's supported. When I startx with no .xinitrc and nothing in xorg.conf.d it fails and I'm not sure why. I did add the amdgpu to the rc.conf through sysctl and I think it's loaded...
  2. rigoletto@

    Lua/AwesomeWM guidance needed.

    Hello, I'm posting in off-topic since this is not FreeBSD specific. I decided to give a try yo x11-wm/awesome again and this time it worked greatly but there are few thing that some times drive me crazy. I suppose it has more to do with Lua programming than Awesome. I prefer to use the...
  3. phantomfart

    Other Scratching my head at mouse cursor issue in Awesome wm.

    Hey everyone, using Awesome wm in FreeBSD 12.2 and loving it! How ever I'm trying to troubleshoot one problem. I set the mouse cursor theme to Adwaita with lxappearance and put this in my .Xresources Xcursor.theme: Adwaita Xcursor.size: 16 At startup the Adwaita mouse appears but quickly...
  4. helmet1080

    Other AMD/ATI HD 4250 series goes slow

    Hi. I installed Awesome as a desktop manager, and it's working bad. When I installed KDE Plasma, all behaved as expected. I installed kde5, sddm; did the respective configurations, and installed xorg. And worked just fine. Now I don't know what's wrong with the awesome desktop. I added my user...
  5. M

    Solved Issue with awesome font in console, i3blocks and firefox

    I installed font-awesome, but it doesn't show up. In the console I can only see squares. In i3blocks I see chinese-like symbols and if I visit this website I can only see 4 chars in a box (2 chars per line). Are there any additional steps in FreeBSD to install all fonts correctly? I only...
  6. A

    Other AwesomeWM Firefox & Mod4+r

    Hello every body ! I have an issue to launch Firefox with the awesome prompt run command, Mod4+r. If I launch Firefox in rxvt, there is no problem. But when I launched it from Mod4+r, it run in memory, but didn't get the X window. With gdb, it seems that when Firefox ask X11 server for a...
  7. Brutanas

    Other awesome background not set

    Hi everyone! I am trying to set the background to my fresh awesome window manager running on a raspberry pi V2. FreeBSD raspito 11.0-STABLE FreeBSD 11.0-STABLE #0 r309771: Sat Dec 10 06:15:58 UTC 2016 arm I followed...
  8. S

    Trouble Starting the Awesome Window Manager Under Current

    Not sure if this is a configuration issue, or if there is legitimately something wrong. 1) Installed Xorg no problems. Default window manager boots and works as intended. 2) Built awesome window manager. No errors on build. 3) Configured .xinitrc as such: xterm & exec awesome 4) Run...
  9. M

    Other awesome wm & conky-awesome issue

    All, I am using awesome since ~ 6 months - excellent. However, trying to use conky-awesome gives me following errors: ..."no such configuration: 'alignment'..." is simply ignored. CPU usage for example is shown correctly, but in the main screen and not in the designed bottom panel on awesome...
  10. W

    Other Awesome Installation Instructions

    Hello! I just discovered FreeBSD this week, and I have been experimenting with the different desktop environments and window managers. I have been able to get the three listed in the handbook to work (GNOME, KDE, Xfce), however, I can't seem to find instructions for Awesome. Is anyone able to...
  11. je33

    awesome port fails to build

    When attempting to install awesome window manager with: # cd /usr/ports/x11-wm/awesome # make install fails complaining: ===> Building for awesome-3.4.10_3 [ 3%] Built target generated_sources [ 41%] Built target awesome [ 61%] Built target generated_icons [ 61%] Generating...
  12. G

    [Awesome WM] Issue using "vicious" module

    Ok, I have been browsing this forum (and others) looking for a solution to my problem, but I didn't find anything relevant, so maybe someone will be able to help me out. Like the title suggests, I have some issues with the "vicious" module for using widgets in the Awesome Window Manager. There...
  13. S

    [AwesomeWM] Screenshots

    Why isn't there one unified screenshot thread? Anyways I didn't find an AwesomeWM thread so dwm was the closest I could get :\
  14. R

    How the hell do you use awesome?

    I can't stand people who claim their thing is so well documented when it's not. I read all the awesome documentation and after spending almost a whole day with this frustrating thing I can't even get a simple application to run. I can type firefox3 from the terminal and it runs but I can't...