1. T

    amdgpu: error results in black screen

    Today the screen on my workstation was off (black) and wouldn't turn on when I moved the mouse or hit keys on the keyboard. ssh'ed in from another machine, and found this in /var/log/messages Mar 12 00:33:22 kg-core2 kernel: [drm ERROR :amdgpu_job_timedout] ring gfx timeout, signaled...
  2. A

    Kernel panic with drm-515-kmod

    Yesterday i installed drm-515-kmod (before i have drm-510-kmod for amdgpu) during play a video in firefox kernel panic occurred. after multiply reboots system goes to single-user mode. now with drm-510-kmod i doesn't see the panic. The problem really from drm driver or something else?
  3. M

    amdgpu driver with AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 (vega10) Segmentation Fault on GLX

    Hello! The amdgpu driver crashes with a segmentation fault on X.Org something like (address is correct) "Segmentation Fault on 0x2" (I'm not posting log, there was NOTHING usefull, and i dont want to restart X, but if you do think, i should, will do it.) The wayland (sway) crashes with...
  4. Z

    AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT cannot drive drm-kmod in FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE and FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE and FreeBSD 15.0-CURRENT

    Dear netizens , I tried to install drm-kmod on FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE, FreeBSD 13.2-RELEASE, FreeBSD 15.0-CURRENT to drive my AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT, but failed, outputting the following error during loading the amdgpu module. I followed Wiki strictly and installed drm-kmod either from pkg or...
  5. s0undsp4c3

    Solved Updated from 13.2 to 14.0 - amdgpu failed to load

    Hi daemons, I upgraded FreeBSD to version 14 unsuccessfully. I cannot make it load the amdgpu driver, previously it was working fine. This is what I have from the boot process in the /var/log/messages: Nov 27 06:36:07 lancelot kernel: [drm] vm size is 128 GB, 2 levels, block size is 10-bit...
  6. thedaemon

    Solved 14.0 - AMDGPU Hard Crash / Reboots drm-515-kmod So I've been having these issues since a few weeks now where my FreeBSD restarts and crashes with some GPU errors and I was wondering if anyone else was suffering the same problems?
  7. First_Law_of_Unix

    Anyone got laptop Dell Inspiron 13 7000 AMD Raven Ridge Radeon Vega Series GPU working on FreeBSD 13.2?

    Hello, I’m trying to get GPU on dell laptop to work. Laptop details: I installed; pkg install drm-kmod I also added on rc.conf: kld_list=“amdgpu” Nothing works after reboot, same heavily pixelated display. Also “startx” doesn’t work either showing error about screen not found. View...
  8. ElectricJozin

    Lexa PRO staying in framebuffer mode

    I am running a HP 850 G5 with hybrid graphics. The integrated GPU is UHD Graphics 620, the dedicated GPU is a Lexa PRO chip. FreeBSD version is 13.2. The user is in the video group. I am trying to use the discrete GPU so I set "hybrid graphics" in the BIOS (the only other option is integrated)...
  9. skyenosaur

    no X because Failed to load module "amdgpu"

    Hello everyone, I am attempting to get into FreeBSD but so far it has not been going well. I finally managed to get a booting installation on the third machine i tried it on, but now I am breaking my teeth on Xorg. I am a seasoned linuxer and I thought I could handle it but I am so lost right...
  10. linus

    Plasma wayland fails with "kwin_wayland_drm: No suitable DRM devices have been found"

    I am trying to get KDE plasma running on wayland. As far as I have understood, it's not possible to launch into KDE wayland from sddm, but should be possible by executing or ck-launch-session dbus-run-session startplasma-wayland as a non-root user. Doing so (however fails...
  11. LibreQuest

    Solved RX 6400 Not Supported

    I was going to wait for 14.0 Release to use my RX 6400 GPU. I thought for sure it must work in the testing so I gave the latest build a try and sure enough it does not work. Card0 doesn't exist according to Xorg.
  12. chloris

    Solved xorg with amdgpu: no screens found

    Hello dear FreeBSD community, I would ask of you a little bit of help in getting Xorg to work with amdgpu. The setup: FreeBSD 14-CURRENT on amd64 architecture (would use RELEASE if it turns out there are no GPU compatibility issues) GPU AMD Radeon RX 6600 (Navi 23) Monitor connected via...
  13. A

    Solved SDL2 LibGL error: faild to load radeonsi...

    Hi, I am having trouble executing a really simple sdl2 program I have written to test my sdl2 dev environment. It's really simple: #include <stdio.h> #include <SDL2/SDL.h>...
  14. Sivan!

    Solved Portupgrade build error related to graphics firmware

    Following a Perl version error on which make (firefox) stopped: # /usr/ports/www/ cd /usr/ports/www/firefox && make reinstall clean ===> firefox-100.0_1,2 depends on executable: node - not found Error a dependency refers to a non existing origin: /usr/ports/www/node in BUILD_DEPENDS ===>...
  15. chiefsucker

    Solved Is the AMD GPU RX 6800 XT Supported on FreeBSD 13.1? Yes!

    I’m trying to get X working on a bare metal desktop machine. I followed the amdgpu documentation, and verified that the kernel module gets loaded (though there is only one line of output, but I’ve seen multiple for different chipsets in some other threads on this forum with slightly older...
  16. Y

    Laptop with AMD 'Cezanne' graphics + Nvidia RTX 3060

    So I have this Acer Nitro 5 running FreeBSD 13.0-RELEASE (fresh install), and I'm wondering if it's possible to get nvidia-driver to work on it. The BIOS has no option to disable the onboard graphics. If I startx with nvidia.ko loaded and 'device "nvidida"' in the config, I get "no screens...
  17. B

    MESA Loader Fails to Open amdgpu, Doesn't Detect /dev/dri/card0

    Specs: Ryzen 3960x, Radeon RX 5700, 13.0-RELEASE-p3 Problem is occuring inside jails. When I try to launch a GUI app (Falkon, Blender, etc), the app launches, but with significant lag for moving objects with mouse, videoplayback, and consuming large CPU resources even at idle...
  18. F

    Solved Can't adjust brightness AMD Ryzen with Vega graphics

    Updated: solved thanks to the info at this message I've been messing around with this laptop (Thinkpad E495) and FreeBSD since last year. While using the 13.0-CURRENT version until march, I was able to change the screen brightness via: $ doas sysctl...
  19. D

    AMD R7 4700H: Trouble starting X. No devices connected, no screens found.

    Hi, I am having some difficulties trying to setup and run X on my laptop. I've followed this guide from the forum to set it up, and viewed many different related threads, but still can't solve the issue. I've pasted below the output log while trying to run startx, and also my config file. I've...
  20. E

    Solved X doesn't work (amdgpu)

    I have an RX 570 (using the amdgpu driver). X doesn't work, when I try to run startx it gives an "Assertion failed" error, followed by a backtrace. This happens when using the amdgpu X driver (from xf86-video-amdgpu). If I use the modesetting driver it works, but I would like to get the amdgpu...