Which is your Favourite Linux?

I started using Linux in 2003 after using nothing but windows. I think it was Fedora Core 3 I started with, did a little work with Red Hat but quickly moved to Debian. When Ubuntu released 8.10 I installed it on my main box and ran Ubuntu for some time (until 10.04 I think) but I was never totally happy with it.

I currently run ArchLinux on my main desktop and have really liked it until recently. Now rc.conf is starting to be broken up I'm less interested. The only reason I'm sticking with it is for the rolling release, oh and maybe partially for pacman.

My laptop has transitioned over to FreeBSD, as has my server. When I next rebuild my desktop machine, which should be in the next year, I may well move to FreeBSD.
I've been drueling over BSD for years and am excited to be joining the community. As for linux, I've tried many distro's over the years and I'd have to say my favorite has been Debian. I haven't tried #! but I would give it consideration if I hadn't stopped with Debian.