What kind of music do you listen to?

Bands in ASCII order:
André Rieu, Burzum, Deicide, Emperor, Glenn Danzig, J.S Bach, J. Strauss, Marilyn Manson, Moonspell, Pantera, Rammstein, Sepultura, Steve Vai, Therion
Some singles:
Cotten Eyed Joe (Red Nex), In the Summertime (Shaggy), White Bird (Vanessa Mae), Get up and Boogie (Silver Convention), Breakfast in America(Supertramp), Get it on (T.Rex)
Mostly Trance, 80's, pop, dance.
Always up for Pink Floyd - Pulse.

I'm not a big fan of country, opera and rap ('cept some oldskool rap)

LateNiteTV said:
anyone fans of opera? can someone list some of their favorite opera singers?
I know Montserrat Caballe from her work with Freddie Mercury, but that's about it. I guess that to truly appreciate opera you need to understand it. I seem to recall that there are actually stories and characters involved, which I unfortunately don't know jack about. Perhaps I should somehow make time to look into it. Any recommendations where to begin?

LateNiteTV said:
anyone fans of opera? can someone list some of their favorite opera singers?

Simon Estes is about the only one I can think of off hand, from his work in some of Mahler's symphonies (I believe I'm thinking of a specific recording of the 8th, but I can't recall which one).

(ah, it was in the meta-data: Lorin Maazel conducting the Wiener Philharmoniker in Musikvereinsaal, Vienna 1989, published by Sony Classical label number S2K 45754)
Daisuke_Aramaki said:
Underground hip-hop, Jazz, and eclectic. Mostly from the Japanese scene.


Looks like we have similar tastes. ;)

You and purple_q might like to check out the Australian Hip-hop scene. It's most of what I listen to. Terrafirma's 2009 album "Music to Live By" was so good. The Hilltop Hoods, Funkoars, and The Herd have always been great.

Of course, I also like Canadian music (ha ha, joke about Nickleback), particularily Great Big Sea.

EDIT: Also if you have any group suggestions about groups you like from the Japanese scene, I'd be interested :D
This thread needs more rock. :e

Nine Inch Nails
Black Light Burns
Queens Of the Stone Age
A Perfect Circle
Die Mannequin
10 years

Used to listen to old stuff: Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Yes, Jethro Tull, Deep Purple, etc and older stuff: Mozart, especially operas. Nowadays it is sometimes folksy rock like Sacred Spirit and similar stuff from Russia or electronic rock like Ozric Tentacles.
I'm into all sorts of metal such as:

Lost Horizon
Children Of Bodom
Judas Priest
Iron Maiden

I could probably name bands for quite a while. Lately I've mainly been listening to black metal and viking metal.
uplifting melodic trance,darktrance,goa,dubstep etc
symphonic,black,death,thrash,new metal,punk,ska
Everything sounds good to me!!!
But Nightwish & linkin park are my favorite bands
LateNiteTV said:
anyone fans of opera? can someone list some of their favorite opera singers?

Don't have much opera. But Maria Callas is one of the best for Carmen. Also can't go wrong with anything Placido Domingo does.