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Could someone explain what is pkgbase, which problem it is going to solve, and (roughly) what will be its capabilities?

I have read this page but unfortunately it is more like an implementation tracker than a wiki explaining the role of pkgbase. I feel like if you do not already know what pkgbase is, it is difficult to make sense of this page to gain an understanding.
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PkgBase is what the name implies: Base in pkg format. In other words, with PkgBase users will be able to update/upgrade Base using pkg(8), and also build it using ports-mgmt/poudriere instead of the current build scheme at some point.


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It will also be useful for embedded Arm installs. Right now freebsd-update does not work on Arm but theoretically you could update base on an Arm install with pkgbase.
Maybe not with an official repository but you could make your own Arm repository with Poudriere generating an updated base package.

In the end it is good because it took a close examination of what was actually in base. All these small programs are now individual packages, so you could also slim down FreeBSD with this method. For example groff is in base but not widely used. You could build base without it easily compared to making individual WITHOUT_GROFF statements in your build makefile.
In short this will make it easier to customize a FreeBSD build.