Solved VirtualBox Guest Additions does not resize screen


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However, the resizing process is damn slow. Resizing takes about 15 seconds (no joke!).
This is my first time working with VirtualBox. So far I worked with VMware Workstation and Hyper-V (and of course trusty bhyve on FreeBSD, but that doesn't apply here). I understand that those are proprietary solutions but I can't imagine that VirtualBox resizing with a FreeBSD guest would be that slow. What is the limiting factor here?
Turns out that my VM was running in what's apparently know as the "green turtle mode".
The VM was not using the underlying CPU-enabled virtualization technology (VT-x or AMD-v). This was caused by the fact that my Windows machine also had Hyper-V installed/enabled (Windows Feature).
After disabling Hyper-V, VirtualBox was able to get a hold of the CPU virtualization features and the VM ran much smoothly in general - especially with x11/xorg.

The resizing is also much faster in that case.


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… You may want to add some others too; VBoxClient --clipboard for example. …

From <>:

– as far as I can tell, the command is not effective in the context of .xinitrc

… When running VBoxClient-all (from an X11-session), the system becomes unresponsive (GUI doesn't react anymore).

Yeah, I encountered the same a few weeks ago.

Workarounds such as these should be unnecessary; let's continue in a more appropriate topic. Not forgetting Bugzilla.