installing vbox guest additions

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    Solved VirtualBox Guest Additions does not resize screen

    I am using FreeBSD inside VirtualBox (I downloaded "FreeBSD-12.2-RELEASE-amd64.vhd.xz"). I increased the size of the VirtualBox disk in order to accomodate X.Org, then I installed X.Org using pkg install xorg. After that, I installed VirtualBox Guest Additions: pkg install...
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    rm: file: Text file busy // Freebsd 12.1-RELEASE-p10 Virtualbox Guest cannot delete files in shared folder

    I'm running a Freebsd 12.1 in virtualbox on a win10 host. Guest additions, kmod installed. Followed the handbook; Mounted a shared folder. Files pre-existing in that folder can be deleted. New files can be created...
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    vbox guest additions install again

    a friendly hello : i installed trueos 11 plus kde on vbox and everything seemed pretty painless and working attempting to get the virtualbox-ose-additions to work seems fruitless to me ... i use vbox for all kinds of work in windows and kubuntu with various guest os.s ... i'm working with...