virtual box

  1. B

    Solved Salutations, and Can't get to text console using Alt+Ctrl+F1-F8

    First of all, hello to all members and the FreeBSD staff. First time here, I'm bruno from italy, a FreeBSD addicted (but also to other BSDs and micro-kernel architectures like Minix, and hybrid microkernel-BSD likes such as MacOsX), and a software programmer unemployed at the moment. Thank you...
  2. clawhammer

    Solved anyone know how to make freebsd scale correctly in virtual box?

    It seems no matter what I try the scaling is terrible and the resolution isn't correct. I cant change the resolution in virtual screen 1 and when I go full screen it is basically a 5 x 5 inch box with small characters. I am running windows 10, virtual box version 5.2.12 and my screen resolution...