1. A

    buildroot and the linux-kernel

    Hi, I am new to buildroot and embedded linux, I have once build the root on my laptop using the buildroot and it took like 20 to 30 minutes, I want to know what kernel is used in the buildroot and how can I change it e.g. if I want to use the kernel of the freebsd in buildroot, would that be...
  2. B

    qemu FreeBSD MIPS Big Endian not booting in qemu

    Hi Forum, i tried the last days to bring up a mips installation of freebsd in qemu. I went with different receipes, but none of them worked. I followed the steps here: I also tried different archs like mips64, setting up an image with qemu-image and...
  3. mmarc

    FreeBSD SPI: how to make kernel and rootfs for flashing?

    Hello, I have a ready-to-use U-boot, and now I want to replicate the Linux steps of cooking kernel and rootfs images for aarch64 FreeBSD. My goal is to flash them to a 16-Mbyte SPI Flash chip. 1) Firstly, would a generic aarch64 FreeBSD release be capable of booting from SPI? 2) Kernel image...
  4. Bobi B.

    How to change to alt root filesystem with nanobsd and UEFI?

    Greetings! I've built several nanobsd systems, performed multiple upgrades (using two root file systems) and, so far, everything worked great. Enter UEFI. With UEFI boot process is handled by /boot/boot1.efi (uefi) and gptboot is no-longer in use. Therefore partition attributes, such as bootme...
  5. Z

    Solved RPi2B: root directory on HDD boots, but with SYSERR printed to console

    Hello, I haven't used FreeBSD since around 2003, but I'm pretty far into reading my way through the handbook! Please excuse the poor formatting and any obvious steps I may have missed. I've installed FreeBSD-CURRENT-20151102 onto a Raspberry Pi 2B with the root FS on an external USB HDD and...