Solved Python-based CLI command, how to avoid conflicts in /usr/local/bin?


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Hello! I would like some advice on how to port a command-line program that is written in Python.

I have a program that runs on the command-line, and is written entirely in Python. It can be built against Python 2.7 or 3.4+ with no problems. It is distributed via PyPi, so I have started writing up a port that pulls the distribution from CHEESESHOP. I am using USE=python and USES_PYTHON=autoplist distutils, as well as setting PKGNAMEPREFIX so that one package is generated for each Python version.

That made me realize: The port will install a setuptools-generated CLI command, and that command will not have a flavor-specific name. So, if a user tries to install multiple flavors, wouldn't one flavor overwrite the CLI command of the other? Is there a way in the port for me to say "you can only have one flavor installed at a time" ?