Solved phpMyAdmin 4.7.4_1 asks for php 5.6

I installed php 7.1.10 and when I installed phpMyadmin it asks me to install php 5.6 and complements:
New packages to be INSTALLED:
        phpMyAdmin: 4.7.4_1
        php56-session: 5.6.31
        php56: 5.6.31
        php56-xml: 5.6.31
        php56-ctype: 5.6.31
        php56-openssl: 5.6.31
        php56-filter: 5.6.31
        php56-gd: 5.6.31
        php56-json: 5.6.31
        php56-mysqli: 5.6.31
        php56-mbstring: 5.6.31_1
        php56-zlib: 5.6.31
        php56-zip: 5.6.31_1
        php56-bz2: 5.6.31

Even if I installed first php56 then phpmyadmin and after that I try to install php71, it deinstalls phpmyadmin and the whole process starts again

Any ideas?
Packages have set dependencies that cannot be changed once the packages have been created. And the default PHP version is 5.6, so everything is built with PHP 5.6 as a dependency. If you want to deviate from the defaults you will have to build from ports and add this to /etc/make.conf:
Sorry for the late reply. You were right, I ended up installing php, extensions and phpMyadmin from ports. A few tests more thaught me that only php extensions need to be installed from ports, in order to have php 7.1 and phpmyadmin 4.7.5 running.

Thanks a lot SirDice:)