1. nanto

    Solved phpMyAdmin 4.7.4_1 asks for php 5.6

    I installed php 7.1.10 and when I installed phpMyadmin it asks me to install php 5.6 and complements: New packages to be INSTALLED: phpMyAdmin: 4.7.4_1 php56-session: 5.6.31 php56: 5.6.31 php56-xml: 5.6.31 php56-ctype: 5.6.31 php56-openssl: 5.6.31...
  2. unknownuser

    phpMyAdmin permission error on Jail

    Hello folks. I have spent probably the last two days trying to get phpMyAdmin to work under a 10.3 jail with Apache24, mod_php and php56-mysql. Initially I copied the same exact configuration I have on the FreeBSD 10.3 host where phpMyAdmin is working fine, but for some reason I kept on...
  3. unknownuser

    phpmyadmin won't work from within jail

    Hello guys, I am here once again. It has been two long days since I have been working on getting phpmyadmin up and running under a FreeBSD 10.3 jail. Essentially I am using the same exact configuration I use on the FreeBSD HOST apart from the IP's . My goal is to run phpmyadmin as vhost on a...