1. dave

    pkg update does nothing with PHP56

    I read in UPDATING that the default version of php has bumped from 5.6 to 7.1. I would like to stay with the php56 version for now. I tried to put this in /etc/make.conf and it seems to have no effect on pkg either way: DEFAULT_VERSIONS+= php=5.6 But... $ sudo pkg update && pkg version -vRL=...
  2. razsnic

    pecl-geoip with PHP7.1

    Hello, I am running Piwik using Apache/PHP71. I would like to install pecl-geoip, however I noticed that it is dependent on PHP56. Since I do not want to downgrade to PHP56 just for pecl-geoip, is there any way to install pecl-geoip using PHP71? Thank you! Raz
  3. nanto

    Solved phpMyAdmin 4.7.4_1 asks for php 5.6

    I installed php 7.1.10 and when I installed phpMyadmin it asks me to install php 5.6 and complements: New packages to be INSTALLED: phpMyAdmin: 4.7.4_1 php56-session: 5.6.31 php56: 5.6.31 php56-xml: 5.6.31 php56-ctype: 5.6.31 php56-openssl: 5.6.31...