Solved No sound in FreeBSD-13.0 - pcm4: play interrupt timeout, channel dead

… I have an old PC … almost 10 years …

For much older hardware, an Ergo Vista 631 with 2008 BIOS/firmware: <> – I don't recall any issue with sound when tested with FreeBSD 13.0.

… what is an alternate to Gnome desktop in FreeBSD?

In particular: <>

Cross-reference your post in Reddit: Looking for a substitute for Gnome-41 desktop in FreeBSD : freebsd

… And, if the WM supports Wayland too?

FYI <>
I purged out Gnome stuff from the PC. Tested openbox and LXQT briefly. And, now installed KDE Plasma desktop. So far KDE is working good in FreeBSD 13. No issues with sound. Except for the volume slider not working. As you can see below, 'Master' is selected in the volume slider. It should be 'PCM' which actually controls the sound volume.

Problems persisting even after shifting to KDE:
(1) Randomly display dims slightly.
(2) Artifacts or Pixelation of desktop or apps (screenshot below)
(3) Volume slider does not work in KDE. I have to use mixertui to adjust volume (PCM). {SOLVED} See below.
Note that above issues was present in FreeBSD-12.x releases also. I wonder, if this integrated graphics has any fix?
Screen dimming & artifacts is a big problem with this Core-i3 2120 processor integrated graphics. The warning message was always shown while booting. Any solution available?
EDIT to add: (4) shutdown in Gnome or KDE results in restarting the system after shutting down. The problem is recent after the upgrade to FreeBSD-13.
Pentium Pro MTRR support enabled
Failed to add WC MTRR for [0xe0000000-0xefffffff]: -22; performance may suffer

Overall, Gnome despite my preference to it, was disappointing with audio not working. (BTW, I'm using KDE after almost 10-12 years. Desktop seems smooth, but reminiscent of Windows UI.)

Sound settings:

With the volume slider not working in KDE Plasma, I found a solution - using True OS mixer applet, which is available in the pkg repo. You can configure it to use 'PCM' output instead of 'Master'. And, it worked!

Now, for the remaining issues of random artifacts/pixelation in desktop & shutdown -p now or shutdown button resulting in restarting, I will start relevant threads.

True OS Mixer ==>