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  1. M

    No sound with sound card Intel Comet Lake PCH-LP cAVS

    Hello everyone, I just installed FreeBSD 13.1 on my new PC which has an Intel Comet Lake PCH-LP cAVS sound card and unfortunately I can't get the sound to work. I understand from this link ( that the Intel...
  2. Abraham79

    Solved No sound in FreeBSD-13.0 - pcm4: play interrupt timeout, channel dead

    I have sound working in FreeBSD-12.2. I did an upgrade to FreeBSD-13.0 and since then, no sound. I have Gnome-41 desktop and pulseaudio installed. drm-kmod installed. The error when I try to play an mp3 file is: pcm4: chn_write(): pcm4:virtual:dsp4.vp3: play interrupt timeout, channel dead...
  3. T

    Solved Combine front with rear audio output

    Hi all. Does anyone know how to combine rear audio output with front one? All I can is to switch between them with setting sysctl on hw.snd.default_unit=5. All manipulation with snd_hda I have done was unsuccessful: could switch also but not to combine. sysctl dev.hdac.1.pindump=1 && dmesg...