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You need to create Google API key and build multimedia/minitube with that, inserting MINITUBE_GOOGLE_API_KEY=... into /etc/make.conf

    If installing:
        Google is now requiring an API key in order to access YouTube Data
        web services.

        To obtain a key:

        1. Create a new project at

        2. Select newly created project and go to Enable API,
           go to APIs & auth / APIs, select the Youtube Data API
           and click Enable.

        3. Go to Credentials, click Create Credentials and choose API key.

        4. If you are going to build minitube from ports, set
           MINITUBE_GOOGLE_API_KEY=your_key in make.conf. If you use package
           set GOOGLE_API_KEY environment variable to your key.



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Nothing about favorite, but:

Where is my space …
New lyrics anyone? :D



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One glorious day I will port PCSX2 to FreeBSD, only to play one of the best JRPGs ever made: Shadow Hearts
To honor this fine piece of work, let's listen to a town music from the game (looped):

(well, it's actually from the second game: Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Not bad either)



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Now, about "favorites" – for me, that's music that surprises and fascinates me, in terms of musical ideas.

Example #1: The "original" heavy metal:

Example #2: Sampling to the absurd max:

well, you can also do pretty "funky" things with sampling …
just as a side note :D

Example #3: Only ONE single musical idea, but it's "genius":



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Example #4: One idea, but developed over a long time in tiniest steps ("minimal music"):
(that's the construction principle of many trance and techno tracks…)

Example #5: One basic motive, but surprising ALL THE TIME like a firework:
(there exists a lot in this category, picking a work of the italian mastermind who also composed for the movie "The Godfather" ;) )

Well, I could go on. For me, it's not a question of genre.

Disclaimer: I'm (hobby) musician with lots of stage experience, I learned the violin, but also play e.g. guitar, bass, drums, piano, just for fun :D

Ok, adding some own work here: Covering famous Michael Jackson using VIM (well, writing assembly code for the 6502 and C64 SID, hehe):


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Sometimes you sit there thinking about that ride through the forest with the windows down and your other half [who secretly doesnt exist to the public] sitting by your side.




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Ambient: Germind, Side Liner, Shpongle, Abakus, Dhamika, Shulman .....
Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast. To soften rocks, or bend the knotted oak. ..William Congreve



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Holy Moley 57 years ago? I remember we would sing that on class trips. Being in primary school (2nd or 3rd grade) some of us with older siblings realized it was about a gambling house (though taken from an older folk song about a brothel), but many of us just sang it because we liked it, having no real idea of its meaning.

So, here's another Eric Burden one (with War this time). My biggest memory of it is driving my mom's blue Mustang, with a girl named Nancy, holding hands. I ws probably 16, certainly, no older than 17. I really had a crush on Nancy. High school crushes...

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