Holy Moley 57 years ago? I remember we would sing that on class trips. Being in primary school (2nd or 3rd grade) some of us with older siblings realized it was about a gambling house (though taken from an older folk song about a brothel), but many of us just sang it because we liked it, having no real idea of its meaning.

So, here's another Eric Burden one (with War this time). My biggest memory of it is driving my mom's blue Mustang, with a girl named Nancy, holding hands. I ws probably 16, certainly, no older than 17. I really had a crush on Nancy. High school crushes...

Spill the Wine
For those who enjoy dancing, the sort of thing you saw in That's Entertainment. Someone put together a bunch of clips of dancing from movies to the Pointer Sisters singing I'm so excited. A few comments in, someone went to the trouble of identifying each one. There are clips of Kelly, Astaire, Sammy Davis, Jr., the Nicholas Brothers, and many, many, more.
If you enjoy watching dance, worth the watch. The title says Movie Stars, but it's almost all dancers.
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