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Tool - Rosetta Stoned


He said, "You are The Chosen One.
The One who will deliver The Message.
A Message of hope for those who choose to hear it,
And a Warning for those who do not".
Me, The Chosen One.
They chose me...
And I didn't even graduate from fsckin' high school.
Overwhelmed as one would be, placed in my position.
Such a heavy burden now to be The One...
Born to bear and bring to all the details of our ending.
To write it down for all the world to see.
But I forgot my pen...
Sheat the bed again.

Zebra F-301 ballpoint pen Never leave home without it. I never do...



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The older I grow, the less I care about listening to good music. This song - it's peak of banality, it's so cliche, I've heard this song so many times in other pop songs, but I like it (as long as I can understand that this is so bad, if I were to start thinking this is good music, I would seriously be concerned about my mental capacity decline). It's simple, it's catchy, it's very not offensive, it doesn't evoke anything, no emotions, so it's perfect for playing in background while working.



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Here's (a subset of) the godfathers of Hip-Hop: "I wanna go higher..."
Stereo MC's - Elevate My Mind (live)
I wanna go higher (x3)
I wanna go higher (higher baby) (x2)

If I ever get down in the dumps
Short of a dollar nothin' change for months
It seems to rain about every day
And all the news seems kinda grey
It's no illusion call it reality
So I release more charge from my battery
We can rise death defy gravity
Bring about a sense of personality
So as I walk I look around
See some go up, some go down
There goes the mayor his nose is brown
Guess how he get to wear his crown
But his hands are shakin' the walls are breakin'
And one day they'll all fall down
Sometimes it's better that way
Makin' space for a some day

We're on the ground floor got lots to learn
Slip to the basement and you'll burn
First floor and you start to fall
Out the bed clothes answer the door
On the second I comprehend
Positive waves are what I send
Third floor and you start to flow
Tell me now where 'd ya wanna go

(higher baby)
I wanna go higher (higher baby)
Were'd ya wanna go?
I wanna go higher (higher baby)
I wanna go higher (higher baby)

So tell me baby kinda shakey
We ain't been too friendly lately
Things sometimes turn out that way
And that is all that you got to say
Well that's ok 'cause time can soothe
Like a dentist pulls out a tooth
As each new day will bring a new face
how can I make my rhyme go someplace

First of all, she ask for more
I said sure I don't mind at all
The water's deep but I'm walking tall
It don't matter if you're rich or poor
ain't here to score just raise the floor
Maximum vibes what I'm aiming for
I do my war dance back to the wall
Just returnin' my native call

And that's the way we're getting by ya
Always keepin' you on the wire
Takin' you higher - call me a liar
But you won't 'cause you're feeling inspired
Work we're going to, jerk you're all through
there's no way you'll stop my break through
Two ways to do it, get in or get out
Elevate yourself don't hang about
So wherever lies you're latitude
Wherever you are we're gaining altitude
In all directions starting to climb
So come on girl - elevate my mind

I wanna go higher (elevate my mind)
I wanna go higher (higher baby)
(Let it reach ya) I wanna go higher (higher baby)
(Elevate my mind) I wanna go higher (higher baby)

I wanna go higher (x3)
Stereo MC's - Lost in Music (live)
Stereo MC's - Relentless [still video · freeze image · low bandwidth-friendly]



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That one was blue. Back into the right mood:
[ Guns N' Roses ]
There's no doubt these guys are devinely gifted, outstandingly skilled musicians, & Axl Rose is a real stage hog. In fact, I do like this one all-time hit of theirs. Nevertheless, I refuse to click on Like, because FMLU this band will always have a certain conotation (entertainers for the dumb masses). Don't get me wrong on this, it's not meant in an elitist way.
The Heimatdamisch: Sweet Child o' Mine (Guns n' Roses cover)
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[Schlager music with german funny, frivolous & subtle texts]
Unübertroffen witzig, frivol & subtil: