Solved microsoft excel like program for xfce?


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is there a package I can install that will replicate an excel program? thanks.


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Second for LibreOffice Calc.
Printing to a pdf couldn't be easier. The whole suite works very intuitively.


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@drhowarddrfine you can build LibreOffice with different GUI tools, by default LibreOffice is build with GTK2. You can build it from ports with GTK3 or QT4 for kde.



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is that because the guis use xorg server to run windows? and the window managers only dictate the look of the environment?
Because managing windows is all that a window manager does. You can have a GTK+-based WM like x11-wm/xfce4-wm and still run a Qt5-based graphics/krita and a Qt4-based audio/lmms and a Motif-based graphics/xpdf3. The only drawback being that you lose a bit of memory since your applications don't share the same widget toolkit libraries.


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I agree that you can run the program with different windows manager. I just said that it's better to use the same toolkit for all programs for which the WM is build for. It will share the same libraries and will give you uniform look for all programs and will consume less memory.