1. D

    Solved Corruption in $HOME/.cache -> WM crash -> titleless X11 windows

    Today when I booted and logged in and ran "startxfce4", I got a broken XFCE desktop session, where windows had no borders or titles, no keyboard focus, etc. This kind of problem was known to me, and can otherwise be reproduced, by eg. setting the LIBGL_DRIVERS_PATH environment variable to the...
  2. L

    vmware Can't move cursor

    I installed FreeBSD 13.1 on VMware ESXi 6.7. Then I installed Xfce. The problem is that I can't move the cursor. The mouse buttons and mouse wheel are working.
  3. L

    Solved XFCE does not show desktop

    I installed xfce from ports with portmaster and the desktop shows black. Does anybody know why? I installed vim, okular, chomium and then xfce successfully but this happened. I have nvidia drivers installed as well. When I installed okular, firefox stopped working. So I installed chromium to...
  4. F

    After refactored drm-kmod + gpu-firmware-kmod, cursor is now invisible!

    Hello, I've already posted here about this problem, but I thought I'd make another post in a different category since I don't think it's a problem with peripherals; rather, it is a problem with the refactored drm-kmod-and-friends ports. I hope that's allright! ☺️ I am on a laptop, specifically...
  5. ahmadreza

    Xfce xfce : out of range on monitor

    Hello to all I tried to install display manager "xfce" I installed it according to the tutorial below https://unixcop.com/how-to-install-xfce-in-freebsd-13/ In short, I did this: $freebsd-update fetch $freebsd-update install $pkg install -y xorg $pkg install slim $pkg install xfce I edited...
  6. Sivan!

    Solved Desktop login loop in xfce and kde

    After an abrupt power disruption, freebsd 13.0 got into an xfce login loop; When I tried to select a different hard drive from BIOS with Ubuntu, the boot process went into disk 0, disk 1, disk 2 selection process which fell back to the same freebsd nvme with the login loop issue. I have also...
  7. Sivan!

    Solved Framebuffer error on startx command (solved)

    Installed freebsd 13 from the memstick img, pkg installed xorg following Instructions then installed xfce, startx command returns errors : EE can not run in framebuffer mode. Please specify busIDs for all framebuffer devices. EE connection terminated with error (1) Please help.
  8. R

    Solved startx doesn't work and display a black screen

    Hi all! I've been stuck for hours trying to find how to solve this problem. I installed FreeBSD on a VM with VirtualBox (Version 6.1.32) on a Mac with an Intel Core i5 I carefully followed this tutorial ...
  9. freezr

    Xfce XFCE and .xinitrc, need some clarifications

    Hi guys, I have some doubts about this passage of the handbook: 1) Should this command execute as admin? 2) This command populates the file this way: $ cat .xinitrc . /usr/local/etc/xdg/xfce4/xinitrc If I run startx from the TTY the session runs... 3) I do not understand why... There is...
  10. grahamperrin@

    Solved gkrellm on top in Xfce

    sysutils/gkrellm2 Is there an easy method to keep the window on top? (I can't find an answer elsewhere.) A method that uses a GUI. Here's the context menu of gkrellm: I have it on top in KDE Plasma. Can't tell how to do it with Xfce. Thanks
  11. I

    bhyve Strange problem of "mouse pointer becoming unclickable" in bhyve VM

    I'm now experiencing a strange problem of the "mouse pointer becoming unclickable" inside a bhyve VM. Host OS: FreeBSD 13 bhyve command: (partial) -s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=1200,h=1000 \ -s 31,lpc \...
  12. I

    Xfce Does Xfce requires less or simpler hardware drivers (compared to KDE)?

    I'm using KDE with the drm-kmod graphics driver and just experienced a hang issue. I'm just wondering if I switch over to Xfce, would it work without this drm-kmod driver? My gut feeling is it would require the same hardware drivers. But however, I remember that many years ago things were much...
  13. I

    bhyve bhyve running FreeBSD VM error

    I'm trying to run FreeBSD with KDE or Xfce inside a bhyve virtual machine. The bhyve command executed to start the VM has "-s 29,fbuf,tcp=,w=800,h=600 -s 30,xhci,tablet" included. From within the VM, I tried to execute "startx" and I'm hit with the following error: (EE) Cannot run...
  14. I

    Xorg and KDE does not work on FreeBSD 13, but GhostBSD works. So, what are the relevant config files?

    I'm trying to get KDE up and running on FreeBSD 13 on a laptop PC. I could not even configure Xorg to run and it seems like the hardware cannot be recognized. So, I downloaded GhostBSD (both the default MATE and Xfce versions) and it works out of the box. I am now trying to figure out what...
  15. B

    Problem with installing XFCE

    Hello guys, I have some problem with installing XFCE. I installed all programs for XFCE, but its doesnt work. How fix it?
  16. TobiasW

    Xfce Slim + XFCE: Slow log-in and grayed-out shutdown/reboot buttons (DBus issue?)

    Hi, My Slim + XFCE configuration causes following issue: First login is fast, everything is fine, shutdown/reboot buttons are available. On re-log it takes about one minute (timeout?) until the desktop is shown. /var/log/slim.log says: slim: waiting for X server to begin accepting...
  17. B

    Xfce Full screen not working in XFCE on a FreeBSD guest OS on VirtualBox

    I am running FreeBSD as a guest OS in VirtualBox on a Windows 10 host. I installed the XFCE desktop environment, but unfortunately I cannot put it on full screen mode, its highest resolution that I can set is 1024x768. So based on this article I installed the VirtualBox Guest Additions on the...
  18. RedPhoenix

    I'm Having Issues With My AMD Radeon Thames And X Starting Properly

    Hey guys. I hope everyone is staying safe with COVID-19. Here's hoping it will go to /dev/null soon... So, anyway, as the title of this post says, I'm having trouble getting X to start (XFCE4 works fine when it manages to load properly with Xorg). I know things are working fine because the text...
  19. L

    What can you do against the "suddenly stopped working" problem in FreeBSD

    This week was my 3rd try of using FreeBSD (as desktop system). Today I am nearly at the point where I give up. I already tested FreeBSD for a longer time some months ago (and another time about 1-2 years ago). Now I use FreeBSD 12.1 (-RELEASE). The 2 times when I used FreeBSD I had the exact...
  20. tommiie

    Extremely slow XFCE

    Hey all, I'm currently running FreeBSD 12.0-RELEASE-p12 with XFCE and it is slow: top reports Xorg using 90+% of CPU resources on idle state. 67062 tom 1 101 0 320M 243M CPU1 1 40.0H 93.12% Xorg Can someone help me troubleshoot? It is a DELL Latitude E7470 on which I...