1. A

    Xfce Take screenshots in XFCE

    Hi. I'm using the xfce desktop on FreeBSD-RELEASE-12. Is there any tool available to take screenshots ? For example, I press Ctrl+Print Scrn and the snapshot of my screen is taken. Or, I drag a rectangle to take a snapshot of my screen.
  2. D

    FreeBSD XFCE No Screens Found

    Greetings, I have been recently wanting to get into FreeBSD I installed all of the steps for XFCE in a VirtualBox machine But surprisingly when I do "startx", It gives me a message with "no screens found"
  3. N


    I also need help I try install xfce4 using: pkg install xorg slim xfce also add to /etc/rc.conf moused_enable="YES" dbus_enable="YES" hald_enable="YES" slim_enable="YES" and ~/.xinitrc exec xfce4-session Then I rebooted the system but nothing happened tried forcibly: (or startx no...
  4. clawhammer

    Solved microsoft excel like program for xfce?

    is there a package I can install that will replicate an excel program? thanks.
  5. H

    Solved Xfce Won't Boot

    I was trying to install a GUI (KDE) but in the end it said DISPLAY is not set or cannot connect to the x server kde. I did run some commands but none of them help with the issue so I gave up on KDE and tried to install XFCE, I did pkg install xorg slim xfce, and enabled the slim...
  6. B

    Solved xcfe login gui doesn't show up

    Hello, I'm new to freebsd and the way it works(I mean, completely new; I don't even really understand what's going on in the handbook). I'm mentioning this, because I've searched the threads to find the solution to my problem and I didn't get half the things that were said, so please be...
  7. I

    FreeBSD Current w/ Xorg & Nvidia

    Hello, I was trying to install the latest Current on a machine w/ a Nvidia K600 (it does have onboard Intel graphics as well). Unfortunately I am unable to startx as it either complains about "No screens found" or another error message related to framebuffer mode. As layed out in the...
  8. QantumEntangled

    Xfce Cannot Manage Display & Mouse from Xfce4 settings menus

    I installed FreeBSD for the first time yesterday and installed Xorg and Xfce4 with Slim to manage logging in. I can boot into slim and login to the desktop and everything seems to work. But the settings menu doesn't have the monitor in the list of displays, and the mouse settings show "sysmouse"...
  9. usernamekiran

    How to set-up Nvidia graphics card on FreeBSD 11.1?

    Hello.<br />I am aware this has been asked numerous times before, but the two methods that I tried failed. I had to clean-up after both methods. I have an Alienware 13 R-2 laptop, with 16GB RAM, and "NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M". I have been using the OS for a while now (without the drivers), with...
  10. usernamekiran

    Solved Firewall for home user?

    Hello. I am using 11.1 on my two laptops. One has a wireless card which currently not supported, other's wireless card is out of order. I have 8.1 on my one laptop, and desktop none of which have wireless connectivity. I dont have a technical use of FreeBSD on these four machines. I use them as...
  11. D

    Xfce XFCE4 a no show

    Hi there, I followed some videos and the manual at section 5.7 Desktop Environments, nothing works. I tried to create xsession or xinitrc following the instruction, not working either. Where on root should either file sit? And xorg always quits and never shows. Sorry guys, but I have to go...
  12. TAL15

    Xfce WiFi manager/indicator not in the upper panel.

    Just switched over from Cinnamon to Xfce, and I'm not entirely sure what to do here. The upper right of the top panel does not have your usual icons for sound, wifi etc.How do I place these on the panel so I can easily connect to WiFi or raise and lower my volume, Thanks a million
  13. TAL15

    Slim won't let me log in,

    I recently installed XFCE with Slim, but when I try to log in as any user, it just refreshes. Also, I can only log in as super user. When I try to log in VIA a normal user it says failed to execute login command
  14. Dr.Topaz

    Solved How to install source codes?

    So I moved from enlightenment to xfce a few days ago,and it seemed ok,but then I heard of a paper icon theme available for xfce.I thought it was good and tried to install it,but then it doesn't give packages for freebsd only the source ,so how can I install the source?
  15. Nureo

    Xfce Can I get XFCE in Spanish?

    Hello everybody! I am using XFCE, but I would like to have that environment in Spanish. Can it be done? ¡Hola a todos! Estoy utilizando XFCE, pero quisiera tener ese entorno en español. ¿Es posible lograrlo?
  16. fnoyanisi

    Xfce Why do I have to install 3 different clang versions for Xfce?

    Hi there, After having a long discussion about future of the GNOME desktop, I decided to give a try to x11-wm/xfce. Different components that come with Xfce (taskmanager, squeeze etc...) required different versions of clang to be installed as a dependency. Now I have clang33, clang35 and...
  17. I

    Only getting mono sound

    Skip two paragraphs to get to the issue if you don't want to know the back story. I was using Xfce until a few weeks ago. It ran fine...or at least it did. I ran into some issues with loading Xfce. It would crash my computer for whatever reason. I don't remember a particular update causing this...
  18. I

    Xfce Any good menu editors for Xfce?

    I cannot find any good menu editors. I've tried Alacarte and nothing loads. I launch it in the terminal and receive this error: Traceback (most recent call last): File "/usr/local/bin/alacarte", line 21, in <module> from Alacarte.MainWindow import main ImportError: No module named...
  19. R

    xfce looks fuzzy (virtualBox)

    I'm using freeBSD 10.2-RELEASE with XFCE on VirtualBox with windows 7 machine and computer with Intel HD Graphics Card. On system I've installed emulators/virtualbox-ose-additions and my Xserver works. My problem is that Xserver looks very "fuzzy". I mean looks like connecting full HD monitor...
  20. R

    Solved xfce: remove middle lower menu (apple* style)

    good day everybody, I am completely new in this forum and may say completely new to Xfce. Coming from Linux (many) to virtualized FreeBSD 10.2 using virtualbox. I installed Xfce because it is very light and with slim I can work easily. My problem is: I want to remove the horizontal menu...