Solved Linux emulator with mplab x ide and xc8.

So I am a pic programmer, I use pic to solve any technical problems.So when I moved to FreeBSD , I saw a major problem,the MPLAB x ide and the xc8 compiler does not support FreeBSD.Shocker. I am aware of a linux emulator built inside FreeBSD and since mplab x ide and Xc8 compiler supports linux,how can I use it for my purposes.

Thanks in advance.
Is it like virtualbox or wine or just a cli.
It has a lot in common with Wine. Wine "translates" Windows API/ABI calls to their Linux/FreeBSD equivalents. The Linux emulation on FreeBSD works in much the same way, it "translates" Linux API/ABI calls to their FreeBSD counterparts. So it's not really an "emulation".
I've never felt so connected to someone yet so alone as I do when I search for the solution to a problem that I'm having (running MPLAB X on FreeBSD) and I find one post, from five years ago, marked as "Solved" but with no solution posted, and the OP hasn't been back since. Dr.Topaz: WHAT DID YOU SEE?!?!
Googling returned,

Unfortunately, those instructions are for MPLAB X v1.00 from about 12 years ago. It's up to v6.05 now, and there have been significant changes.