1. X

    Missing shared library ( while running Electron App (LBRY-Desktop) on Linuxulator

    I'm working on running an Electron Linux App on FreeBSD, namly lbry-desktop, I did this 1. download 2. run from FreeBSD > sudo ./linux-browser-installer chroot create > sudo chroot /compat/ubuntu/...
  2. kr0m

    general/other Library not found by linuxulator

    Hello i am trying to run a Linux binary using linuxulator, i have followed that guide: Modules are loaded: kldstat|grep linux 9 6 0xffffffff83217000 db70 linux_common.ko 16 2 0xffffffff83358000 388f8 linux.ko 21 1...
  3. christhegeek

    Gaming on FreeBSD various videos collection !

    Gaming on FreeBSD various videos collection ! View: View: View: View:
  4. P

    [Linuxulator] How to install Brave (Linux app) on FreeBSD 13.0+

    Important notes: 1) This guide is for FreeBSD 13.0 and newer only!! For FreeBSD 12, please see: 2) This method should be valid for installing any other Chromium-based web browser (Google...
  5. P

    [Linuxulator] How to run Google Chrome (linux-binary) on FreeBSD

    [Update] For new instructions targeting FreeBSD 13.0 and newer, please see: Important notes: 1) Tested upon FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE. Used Ubuntu-based linux compat instead of default CentOS one...
  6. gug

    linux-c6- compat 32bits

    Hi all, I'd like to know if there're some 32bits compat ports for linux-c6- or linux-c7- on 64bit system install ? (I guess that it's 64bit only ?) I expected ports similar to misc/compat6x, misc/compat7x...
  7. Dr.Topaz

    Solved Linux emulator with mplab x ide and xc8.

    So I am a pic programmer, I use pic to solve any technical problems.So when I moved to FreeBSD , I saw a major problem,the MPLAB x ide and the xc8 compiler does not support FreeBSD.Shocker. I am aware of a linux emulator built inside FreeBSD and since mplab x ide and Xc8 compiler supports...
  8. T

    Linux compatibility with Mono

    Hello, there are a lot of mono applications these days, especially in the gaming area (both server and client). So I wonder whether it is possible to run Mono applications on the Linux Compatibility Layer of FreeBSD. I think there would need to be some ports for that, or some Linux for mono...
  9. neptunium

    net-im/skype4 on FreeBSD-11.0: no video

    I have successfully installed net-im/skype4 on 11.0-RELEASE-p2 (amd64). Everything works fine except sending video. The port's pkg-message says:Skype uses /dev/videoX (usually /dev/video0). This device node is created by the drivers for your webcam (eg. multimedia/webcamd). If you selected the...
  10. 1

    how to work with linuxulator

    Hello. I can not deal with linuxulator work. On the Internet, information about that 95% of software you can run. But I suspect that this is outdated information. Prompt a basic algorithm of actions. I set. sysrc linux_enable=yes make install BATCH=yes -C /usr/ports/emulators/linux-c6 clean...

    Linux Kernel Version and Nvidia

    I'm trying to setup my nvidia drivers and have been following the handbook, I have installed xorg and enabled linux_enable="YES" It says: When I did that I got this response: # sysctl compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.18 compat.linux.osrelease: 2.6.32 -> 2.6.18 This makes me wonder if I am...
  12. Kalero

    sysctl compat.linux.osrelease

    Hi! According to the FreeBSD handbook, before installing the emulators/linux_base-c6 port/package in order to enable Linux compatibility, you should do sysctl compat.linux.osrelease=2.6.18 but, if I am right, the latest emulators/linux_base-c6 port/package is based on a newer Linux kernel...