1. B

    Programming is (should be) fun!

    A great talk by Gerald Sussman (one of the authors of SICP)! View:
  2. vukodlak

    Bash Python script I made to create a menu in the terminal window

    Thought maybe some other ppl people might appreciate this. I just use it for common commands instead of using aliases. I bound it to the m key to start it up. Easy to edit for your own commands. #!/usr/bin/env python3 import curses import subprocess import os def main(stdscr)...
  3. BaronBS

    ELI5: Guys, I have a few questions about programming and FreeBSD

    1- What would be the best way to learn posix with focus on BSD's, shell and Perl? 2- Is there another language for sysadmins besides shell and Perl? 3- What is the best way to navigate the FreeBSD source code? 4- What are the languages most used in FreeBSD development? PS.: I'm not a developer...
  4. D

    FreeBSD Dynamic Programming

    If you’ve been programming for long enough, you’ve probably heard the term dynamic programming. Often a key subject in technical interviews, the idea will also come up in design review meetings or regular interactions with fellow developers. This essay will examine what dynamic programming is...
  5. golpemortal

    C Please help me with Qt issues

    I am new to Qt and I am confused as to how this works, please forgive me if this is a stupid question so here it is. I am running FreeBSD 13.0 and install all necessary packages for Qt 5 and I created a simple that found on the newly purchased book C++ GUI Programming with QT4 (Old) but I...
  6. decuser

    Setup and test a variety of languages for development, quickly and efficiently (FreeBSD 13)

    I use a lot of programming languages, this is a distillation of how I get them installed and tested for others who might not have gone that far down this road :) What gets installed and tested: python, java, ruby, perl, apache, php, and xdebug, sqlite, mysql, LaTeX # snapshot just in case we...
  7. R

    C Creating a virtual environment for C programs

    I am having fun learning the C language, however, coming from Python, there is a feature that I really like. And that's virtualenvs which isolates packages you use in your program from your main system. This is really helpful for me. As an example, last day I needed a package that would help me...
  8. senenmut

    running 32bit applications on a 64bit machine ?

    Hello, one question. freebsd32 / freebsd64 If you have a application that is made on a 32bit machine , does it run on a 64bit machine OR do you have to compile the sourcecode of that application on a 64bit machine itself for working ? The sourcecode is always the same because the language...
  9. malavon

    Other Dump source code during execution like a debugger or more or less like a coverage tool

    Background I have this little problem: I'm currently implementing pci listing in a port (Unreal Engine for those who've seen me before on this forum) and I want to use some of the code from pciconf. What I'm looking for Now it would be very handy if there were a utility I could call that would...
  10. T

    Other Lazarus and Free Pascal

    A couple of months ago I switched from using Embarcadero's Delphi 10.x to Lazarus and Free Pascal (easily installed from the ports tree editors/lazarus which automatically installs the Free Pascal Compiler and needed source) mainly to be able to create 64 bit macOS applications due to the much...
  11. RedPhoenix

    What Do YOU Use FreeBSD For, and Do You Use UFS or ZFS? :)

    I use it for development, you know, Programming 'n stuff... :) I also use it for ZFS, since I keep backups of my friends' and family members' data. :) I also use it for other things, like when I use Linux, but want more of a UN*X-y feel. It also speaks to how good of an OS it is when I...
  12. jdb

    C Best HTML parsing library for C++

    Hey guys :) I am searching for a HTML parsing library for C++ with xPath support. Thanks in advance :D
  13. decuser

    Solved How to install and run gcc safely without polluting my flawlessly running system

    I am wanting to run the examples in the Stevens book, Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment. I'd rather not pollute my running system with extraneous files that are not required for the system to function. My question and followups for the masters out there: What's a safe way to install...
  14. B

    Hi again!

    This time i ask for some tips. I want to start to learn some language of programation, which would you recommend me? Which are the best programs for make a program? I don't have very clear where to start. Another thing: there's some languages which can work best in this system, or they are all...
  15. clawhammer

    Solved How do I get started with graphics on the terminal?

    I am looking to make an old school style game such as NES games like super mario or elevator action. I've been searching around the internet for programming graphics on the terminal on unix but I haven't seen anything that I think is what I need. Does anyone have any suggestions on where to get...
  16. Dr.Topaz

    Solved Linux emulator with mplab x ide and xc8.

    So I am a pic programmer, I use pic to solve any technical problems.So when I moved to FreeBSD , I saw a major problem,the MPLAB x ide and the xc8 compiler does not support FreeBSD.Shocker. I am aware of a linux emulator built inside FreeBSD and since mplab x ide and Xc8 compiler supports...
  17. Arnold

    Porting yet another programming language to FreeBSD

    Hi there, I know, it is a boring topic, sorry having posted it, because it will trigger the usual responses anyway. If you feel like that perhaps better skip the rest and save your precious time to have a look around in the real world outside. Are we alone now? Then the interesting bits can...
  18. Phishfry

    C- Programming books.

    I bought some old C books and I am finding that many of the examples would throw compile errors. This prototype used is what got me messed up: #include<stdio.h> void main() { printf("Goodbye, cruel world\n"); } I found how to fix it (with the help of some excellent compiler messages) but I am...
  19. Phishfry

    Web Frameworks

    Looking to learn a web frameworks. I want opinions on what to use. Today I bought some books on python. I want lightweight for embedded usage and I am leaning toward Pyramid. A fellow user here showed a nice Ajax and Python interface that impressed me.. So many choices even within the python...
  20. sidetone

    Julia scientific programming language

    Julia is a scientific programming language modeled after a few other languages that draws their advantages together for simplicity. It uses LLVM, and it has an MIT license.